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Learn Internet of Things: Create Your Own Smart Home

Let us see what makes the IoT possible:

IoT has now become an integral part for human beings.

How would you feel if after waking you up at 7 AM, your alarm clock also turned on the geyser and notified your coffee maker to prepare coffee for you just the way you want it? You know what makes this dreamy morning possible? Yes, Internet of Things! So, what is Internet of Things?

In simple words, it is a web-enabled system that works through internet connectivity and by collecting data from your devices. It follows a Machine to Machine (M2M) communication principle and is a highly complex and intelligent system. You know what else it is? It is the future! From Nest thermostats to hue lights and Fitbits to self-driving cars, it’s all the magic of IoT that keeps us enchanted in this human world and will continue to do so.

Let us see what makes the IoT possible:

How does IoT work:

  1. Embedded sensors: These are responsible for collecting data from the devices that you use as well as your environment. These sensors pick up information such a temperature, pressure, sound, and make your internet of things applications function accordingly.
  1. IPv6:  IPv6 is the communication protocol that enables the working of IoT as well as the creation of new and unique IP addresses. This protocol is secure and allows multiple devices to be connected at once.
  1. Cloud: This is a system of digital data storage that documents all the data transmitted from your cellphones, laptops, home appliances, etc. All the information from your device id, sensors, and processors gets stored in a cloud.
  1. Data processing: Once the data is stored in the cloud, it goes through processes of manipulation to make meaningful datasets. This is made possible through sophisticated algorithms that you can get familiar with through an IoT training.
  1. Connectivity: The IoT applications have the capability to establish both online as well as offline connection. IoT connectivity works on the Point to Point (P2P) principle through the modes of Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), etc.
IoT plays a vital role in our lives.

Why should you care about IoT?

IoT has the potential to make healthcare and medical facilities better than ever. Just imagine how easy things would be when in cases of emergency, the hospital could extract the patient’s medical records from the cloud and operate accordingly without wasting even a single second. With things like Amazon Echo and Google Home,  IoT is already making its way in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Let’s say you forgot to switch off the AC in your room. A few hours later, while sitting in the classroom or watching a movie in the theatre, you suddenly realize that you didn’t switch it off. But you can’t do anything about it until you reach home and then you start worrying about the electricity bill! Guess what, with IoT, all such problems can be solved! Your AC, connected to the internet, will have a short conversation with your smartphone informing it about your carelessness. Your phone will then tell you about it and you can switch it off with just a tap!

With government programs like Digital India, Smart Cities, and Make in India, the nation is advancing towards deploying IoT solutions. According to a TechSci Research report, IoT market in India, currently in a nascent stage, is projected to grow at a CAGR more than 28% during 2015-2020, which would be about $15Bn. Having realized the potential of this trend, government, startups, and huge companies (including Google) are heading towards the IoT space. It blows your mind, doesn’t it? Lucky for you, the IoT industry is still a growing one and can make use of skilled professionals and enthusiastic individuals who have taken up IoT courses.

Here are some careers that you can explore by learning the IoT technology:

  1. Cloud engineers: Cloud engineers perform cloud computing which involves providing host services over the internet. Apart from this, the cloud engineers are also responsible for the planning, management, and support of the cloud’s network and system. Cloud engineers need to be familiar with languages such as Python, Java, and Ruby.
  1. Data scientists: All the connected devices generate huge volumes of data streams. Data scientists have the responsibility of making meaningful datasets out of the transmitted information from the sensors. They also perform memory management by computing the storage of the cloud and are usually required to be familiar with SQL and Java.

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  1. Industrial engineers: Managing and programming the hardware is a crucial part of IoT. Industrial engineers are responsible for making M2M happen in IoT projects. This field generally requires a strong quantitative and mechanical aptitude.
  1. UI/UX engineers: The UI/UX engineers in IoT aren’t only responsible for the software design but also the hardware to enhance and optimize the user’s experience. Additionally, they are also responsible for creating appropriate interfaces. The skills needed in this field include Adobe, CSS, GUI development, etc.

Courtesy: Sarvesh Agrawal is the Founder and CEO of Internshala, an internships and trainings platform (internshala.com)

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Internshala Launches ‘May Internship Madness’: Summer Internship Fair Brings Virtual Internships

The internship and training platform, Internshala, has launched the ‘May Internship Madness’ campaign

Work from home
Internshala has launched the ‘May Internship Madness’ campaign. Pixabay

13,000+ exciting work-from-home opportunities for students of India with big brands including 9XM, FTV, WWF, IIFL, CRY, and Sportskeeda, and youth icons including Nidhi Mohan Kamal, Shivya Nath, and DJ NYK a part of the internship fair

The internship and training platform, Internshala, has launched the ‘May Internship Madness’ campaign. This initiative is a summer internship fair that features 13,000+ work-from-home summer internships. These internships also include opportunities with big brands such as 9XM, FTV, WWF, IIFL, CRY, and Sportskeeda, along with one-day internships with youth icons including Nidhi Mohan Kamal, a fitness influencer, Shivya Nath, a published author, and DJ NYK. The students can apply for these work-from-home internships by 26th May 2020.

All Indian students are eligible to apply to these interesting opportunities. All the internships in ‘May Internship Madness’ are work-from-home opportunities with an assured stipend as high as INR 1.8 Lac for the whole internship duration. The internship fair also offers internships in offbeat fields including blogging, social media influencing, and music.

The initiative is a summer internship fair that features 13,000+ work-from-home summer internships. Pixabay

On the launch of the internship fair, the founder and CEO of Internshala, Sarvesh Agrawal said, “Due to the unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak, summer internship season has been affected adversely. Many students across India have lost their summer internships while other students aren’t able to find the much-needed summer internships as hiring and onboarding is paused in most of the companies. In a bid to help these students find the best of work-from-home internship opportunities amid these testing times, we have launched the ‘May Internship Madness’ campaign.”

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“Through this internship fair, we aim to ensure that the students are able to pursue the internships to gain practical exposure and improve their skill-set from the safety of their homes.”



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My Journey With Internshala – From Finding Internships to Hiring Interns

Aashish Goyal talks about his journey and experiences with Internshala

Aashish-Goyal on hiring interns
Aashish Goyal, a student of Hindu College of Engineering, tells us about his experience with Internshala and his journey that began with looking for an internship and ended with looking for interns.

About the Author: Aashish Goyal, a student of Hindu College of Engineering, talks about his experience with Internshala. He joined Internshala as a student and after launching his own startup, he used the same platform to hire interns. 

I began my college in 2013 with a hope of learning and exploring new horizons. After my first year of college ended, my seniors introduced me to the concept of internships and the importance they hold. I googled internships for further information and stumbled upon Internshala. Though I didn’t apply to any internships at that time, I registered myself on the platform.

I would often receive emails from them regarding various campaigns. One such email was regarding the 5th edition of their flagship program – Internshala Student Partners. I found it exciting and applied for it. After a month-long wait, I came to know that I had been selected as an ISP. As an ISP, I performed various activities to market Internshala in my college and introduce it to the students there. Having performed exceptionally well, I was promoted to an ISP buddy for the next edition of the ISP program. This 6-month venture saw me leading a team of 110 students and inculcated essential leadership skills in me. I helped the ISPs in organising different activities, solved their queries, and motivated them to perform better.

Meanwhile, I was applying to various internships on Internshala, waiting for the right opportunity to come my way. Initially, I would make various mistakes while applying to the internships, but with the passage of time, I improved upon them. I applied to a content writing internship at Smarterjon, a company based in Delhi. I was shortlisted and called in for an interview. The interview revolved around the work profile and lasted for about 15 minutes. Soon, I was informed of my selection there. I joined the organisation and was responsible for writing content about the services that the company was offering. During the internship, I worked with some amazing team members and developed essential work ethics and humility.

Ashish talks about his learning experience of how he wasn’t hired for an internship due to some mistakes that he made during his interview. (Representational Image). Pixabay

I also applied to an internship at Internshala itself. After shortlisting my application, the HR manager contacted me for a telephonic interview wherein I was asked about my family and educational background. She asked me relevant questions about the profile that I had applied for. The next day, she informed me that I had cleared that round and was asked to come for an in-office interview with Sarvesh. Out of nervousness, I made some mistakes during my interview due to which I wasn’t hired. However, this experience gave me an insight into how a start-up functions and how the process of hiring runs smoothly.

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As soon as I finished my graduation, I, along with three of my friends, started my own venture called Invincible Web Solutions. It is a startup that aims to spread awareness about the trending technologies among students and to achieve the same, we conduct workshops across different colleges. Within a short span of time, we covered around 10 colleges in Haryana and soon expanded our reach. Apart from conducting workshops, we also started providing digital marketing services to various clients. The office dimensions grew, and we launched a course named I M Digi – Be Digital, which provides professional training in digital marketing. As the need to expand the team arose, I turned to Internshala once again, only to hire interns this time.

Courtesy: Internshala (Internshala.com) – an online internships and trainings platform

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Launch of Internshala Trainings Faculty Development Program

Opportunity for the college professors and lecturers across India to learn latest in-demand skills free of cost with Internshala Trainings

Eligible teachers could apply for the initiative by 15th May 2020. Pixabay

Internshala Trainings has launched its Faculty Development Programme to assist the college teachers in India to learn new skills and upgrade their skill-set. Under this initiative, Internshala would be providing the college faculty members across India with free of cost trainings in the latest industry skills. The eligible teachers could apply for the initiative by 15th May 2020 using the official email ID provided to them by their academic institution where they are currently teaching.

In the wake of COVID-19, the education industry has seen a shift towards online learning from conventional classroom learning. In a developing country like India, teachers play a critical role in nation-building by shaping young minds and guiding them towards their career paths. With the dynamically changing education scenario and career prospects in India, the responsibility to prepare the student community for the same lies on the shoulders of our educators. Under these circumstances, the teachers have to constantly acquaint themselves with new skills, tools and technologies, and concepts in order to teach the same to the students and prepare them for jobs of the future.

The faculty members can learn many skills  including programming with Python, web development, ethical hacking, Android app development, creative writing, French language, advanced Excel, etc. Pixabay

All the faculty members teaching in a government recognised college including public, private, and institutes offering distance education can benefit from this initiative. The initiative is first being rolled out for the first 1000 teachers enrolling for the trainings and will gradually be rolled out for all the college faculty members across the nation.

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The faculty members could choose to learn any skill from 19 short-duration training programmes including programming with Python, web development, ethical hacking, Android app development, creative writing, French language, advanced Excel, data science, machine learning, Angular, business communication skills, photography, and Solidworks.

On the launch of the Internshala Trainings Faculty Development Program, Sarvesh Agrawal, the founder and CEO of Internshala said, “Teachers are the guiding lights of our society who handhold students through their learning journey and lead them towards their career paths. An essential part of effective teaching is to keep on learning. Catering to the teachers’ learning needs and thanking them for their contribution to the country, we have launched this faculty development initiative and we hope that it aids them in their mission to educate the youth.”

For more information or to apply for the  Faculty Development Program, visit: https://bit.ly/faculty-initiative