Learning Two Sought-After Skills In A Month – An IITian’s Journey Of Facing His Fears.

The support team and subject experts are way too helpful- Eklavya Koshta

Eklavya Koshta - learning skills
Eklavya Koshta is pursuing B.Tech in Production and Industrial Engineering from IIT Roorkee.

By Eklavya Koshta

About the Author: Eklavya Koshta is pursuing B.Tech in Production and Industrial Engineering from IIT Roorkee. He joined Internshala Training for learning Python and AutoCAD and shares insightful details about how this experience helped him.

I developed an aversion towards coding in high school itself and decided that I wouldn’t pursue a career in software engineering. I cleared IITJEE, but even in the first semester of college, I struggled a lot with programming in C++ when it was introduced as a compulsory course in our syllabus.

I could hardly write a good program and started hating the complete system for teaching programming language even to the students of industrial engineering. The course didn’t go well and I ended up scoring very less compared to other students. The grade of this course haunted me like a bad dream and brought my confidence level to its lowest.

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I also lacked the skills of solid model designing and so I decided to do a training on AutoCAD. As I was working on a project in electronics where I really needed a base of coding so, after some research, I decided to learn Python too. At first, I thought of learning it from some free videos on YouTube and other websites, but I knew from my previous experiences that they didn’t help due to the lack of time limit and guidance; I always ended up leaving them in the middle.

So, finally, I decided to do two online pieces of training simultaneously to make the most of my winter holidays. I started looking and found that Internshala Trainings provided both the training programs. They were reasonably priced and so I signed up for them.

The introduction of both programs included recommended deadlines for different modules and practice tests, and so I knew how to plan my learning according to those dates. I prepared a timetable after deciding when to cover which training and the required amount of time for each training. This made my journey of six weeks a smooth one.

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The study material was clear and to the point and the examples given in the modules helped me understand the concepts. The video lectures in AutoCAD were well prepared and most of the basic functions were explained clearly. Assignments in both the programs were well planned and covered almost every topic taught in the modules.

I had the freedom of choosing my own time. Even when I was bored, I could switch to some other tasks and resume it when I was refreshed. After attending college lectures where you have to listen to a professor even when you are tired or attend an early morning lecture, this was a fresh alternative.

The support team and subject experts were helpful too. Once I posted around 26 queries at a time and was surprised to see that almost every one of them was answered! The online chats with the expert was also a great way of clearing complex doubts.

Preparations for practice tests required a good understanding of the concepts as sometimes many tricky questions were asked. I made notes for important concepts and scored good marks in the practice tests and in the final exams. Studying for these tests and practicing additional questions definitely diminished the fear which haunted me for the last couple of years.

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After the winter break, when I started learning OpenCV (a library for real-time computer vision) for my Electronics project on Occupancy Monitoring, I realized that I was able to understand every basic script of codes and their relations. So, the training had indeed proved to be valuable. I also represented my team in the SAE innovation challenge of IIT Roorkee, thanks to the AutoCAD training, where we designed a unique solid model of a Transmission System for automobiles and bagged the first position in the contest.

Even after completing a training program, you need to work hard to accomplish something valuable and only then you can measure the essence of your learning.

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