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New Lenovo Workstations to Herald Smartphone-like Experience

It also has Google Assistant capability that can be used to play videos and get information on weather, etc

Lenovo dominated India's tablet market in Q3 2018.

By Ranjana Narayan

A sleek workstation by Lenovo that sits comfortably on a table or your lap when you are on the move, keeps pace with every finger tap and when you relax, streams movies and videos to give you a theatre-like experience and what’s more, it also comes with an enviable battery life.

That’s what Lenovo is promising in its premium range of Yoga series and Thinkbooks that it unveiled at the annual tech industry event “IFA 2019” here.

The Chinese technology major showcased a new range of slim and stylish ThinkBook 14 and ThinkBook 15 aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), while its Yoga series flexible laptops included the Yoga C940 (14/15 inch), S740 (14/15-inch), C740 (14/15-inch) and C640 (13-inch).

“Lenovo is targeting the new Generation Z, the millennial workforce. The new tech-savvy generation born in the internet era, who require instant information, are always on the move,” said Sanjeev Menon, Vice President, Small and Medium Business, Product Marketing, Accessories, at Lenovo.

Besides an efficient laptop, this new workforce also requires a device that looks stylish and showcases their personality.

“It should provide a mobile-like experience, a connected and instant information requirement. The Thinkbook is a perfect device for small and medium businesses; it is a notebook of choice with its durable design and security. It has a sleek metal exterior and comes with a fingerprint reader. Lenovo is among the firsts to come with a fingerprint reader,” Menon said here while unveiling the products.

With its Thinkbooks and Yoga series, Lenovo is targeting the section of customers who want to make a statement with their choice but, at the same time, scout for better pricing, reliability and security, he added.

These laptops are equipped with the latest Intel 10th-generation processors and Windows 10, as well as powered by “Project Athena” that has helped Lenovo engineers develop sleek machines that offer optimised performance and good battery life.

“Lenovo’s Yoga range of laptops is built on the theme of ‘smarter tech for all’. It focuses on a person trying to do computational analysis, or a student trying to get his or her homework done,” said Matt Bereda, Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing, at Lenovo.

The Yoga laptops come with high-resolution screen quality and Dolby sound to give users a theatre-like experience.

“We have worked really hard to get high-quality resolution and display, and have got 90.5 per cent screen and have still managed to keep the camera at the top,” Bereda added.

With high-screen quality and Dolby sound, the Yoga laptops, besides being a productive workstation, can also become an entertainment centre for the users.

With a battery life of a gadget being a subject of concern to all, the Lenovo laptops come with 20-hour battery life, so “you can make it through the day without worries,” he added.

The Yoga series also comes with the ‘Modern Standby’ mode, which while the laptop is in sleep mode, will still get all the mail notifications, and Alexa can be used to play music or get directions.

“We are leveraging AI to make the users’ experience better. Though the device will be asleep, you can use Alexa above the locked screen. We are the first to deliver the experience,” said Bereda.

Lenovo, Online, Offline
Aiming to bring the online and the offline world closer, the company’s retail solution aims to empower the channel partners and retailers, thus, helping them serve the customers better by providing a non-intrusive service. Pixabay

The laptops also come equipped with a blur filter that will ensure that the background is blurred during a video chat and the focus is entirely on the person talking.

He said the laptops are 4G-connected over LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and 5G is “definitely on the road-map for Lenovo”.

Lenovo is also using Q control for intelligent cooling of the system, which works to keep pace with the user.

It works in three different modes — stealth mode when it is being used at a low level, and at a fast pace when the user is into gaming and needs maximum power. The third is using the artificial intelligence (AI) mode to sense how the device is being used.

“If the processor is not being used at its maximum, then the battery and fan will be lower for optimal battery usage. With this technology, the user gets another 15-20 per cent battery life,” Bereda explained.

“It depends on the user. We get 20 hours, and now an additional 20 per cent out of that. You won’t need to run around charging all the time,” he added.

Lenovo also launched it’s two new tabs — Yoga Smart Tab and Lenovo Smart Tab M8 — that are hands-free, smart home hubs.

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The tablets are designed to sit anywhere comfortably, from the living room to the kitchen, and has a detachable stand that acts as a charging station.

The tab has a cylindrical device that gives it more battery life, has a more robust speaker and a much better audio-video quality, said Bereda.

It also has Google Assistant capability that can be used to play videos and get information on weather, etc. (IANS)

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Lenovo Focusing on Bringing Voice Capability to Its PC

Lenovo and Qualcomm had unveiled the world's first 5G PC called Project Limitless in May this year

Lenovo, Voice, PCs
Lenovo just announced the first 5G PC, and that's going to be shipping early next year. Pixabay

Chinese tech major Lenovo, the worlds top personal computer maker, is focusing on bringing voice capability to its PCs, and will be shipping its first 5G personal computer early next year, said a top company official.

“Lenovo just announced the first 5G PC, and that’s going to be shipping early next year. We haven’t finalised the exact mode, and the naming will come out in near time,” said Dilip Bhatia, Vice President, Global Marketing, User & Customer Experience, PC & Smart Devices, Lenovo.

Lenovo and Qualcomm had unveiled the world’s first 5G PC called Project Limitless in May this year.

“We are bringing 5G capability to PCs and also voice capability. Today you can say ‘Hey Google’ and start writing messages (on smartphones), so we want to bring the same capability to your PC. We are enabling it for voice capability with Alexa,” Bhatia told IANS on the sidelines of the IFA 2019 here where Lenovo unveiled a range of its sleek laptops and tablets, among other products.

Lenovo, Voice, PCs
Chinese tech major Lenovo, the worlds top personal computer maker, is focusing on bringing voice capability to its PCs, and will be shipping its first 5G personal computer early next year. Pixabay

With users wanting more smartphone-like capability in their laptops, Lenovo has focused a big way on that in its new range of Yoga laptops and Thinkbooks.

Referring to Lenovo’s new Modern Standby mode for its laptops where even during sleep the PC can download emails, Bhatia said: “Today I don’t have to download emails on the PC, it automatically shows up all the time. We have the Modern Standby capability, Always On-Always Connected… People are looking to save time, so If I can turn on the PC and it turns on immediately without me having to type out the password, that saves time.”

On Lenovo using voice technology for its laptops and tablets, Bhatia said: “We’re very bullish on voice. Voice technology like Alexa, Cortana and Siri are getting better and better over time. We feel just like people have Alexa devices and Google devices at home, why can’t they have the same experience with the PC. So that’s why we’ve tried to integrate Alexa with the PC, so even if it’s on sleep mode, and I say ‘Hey Alexa what’s the weather?’, it will report back to me.”

The Lenovo Smart Display devices that have Google interface can be programmed to recognise every family member’s voice.

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“We are truly believers in voice and feel voice will be much more mainstream down the road,” Bhatia said.

Asked if Lenovo would be focusing on different languages, including Indian languages, he said that initially the new voice products would be in English and German.

“Initially, the new products I believe will be in English and German. But over time, as we’re really leveraging Amazon’s Alexa capability as they have more languages rolled out, more languages are certainly an option,” he said.

Bhatia, who focuses on customer experience, said there are numerous ways in which Lenovo ensures that users get a “great experience for their products”.

Lenovo, Voice, PCs
We haven’t finalised the exact mode, and the naming will come out in near time, said Dilip Bhatia, Vice President, Global Marketing. Pixabay

“At Lenovo, we don’t want a one-time transaction, but build loyalty so that customers keep coming back and buy our products. We create loyalty by listening really well to our customers,” he said.

Lenovo has created a special panel of 3,000 consumers, with members from across the world, including India. These consumers, “who kind of are expert of PCs and know what is a good PC”, are reached by Lenovo’s product managers for feedback on the new products and features.

Bhatia’s team also runs a Big Data analytics programme, as part of which they “basically scrape 20 million comments from the Internet” including from Amazon and Flipkart.

“We are using Big Data analytics to understand what people like and what they don’t about a product. This is another way by which we are getting the pulse of the Indian customer,” he added.

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Lenovo also has customer advisory councils, and conducts surveys of its customers for feedback.

“These are some of the few ways in which we listen to the voice of the Indian consumer to help improve our products and provide a better experience. I believe putting the customer at the forefront globally has paid off dividends in our market share,” Bhatia said.

“Globally, we had 24.9 per cent market share last quarter; so one in four PCs was a Lenovo. And that comes from relentless focus on listening to the customers,” he added. (IANS)