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LeoVegas: Why Have They Become so Successful?

Know about the reasons behind the success of LeoVegas


LeoVegas began in 2011 with the aim to create the ultimate gaming experience and become the top mobile casino. It is this mobile-centric approach that has led to its stellar growth, becoming one of the biggest and most recognised online casinos today. 

Online casinos have been gaining popularity in India.

A Mobile Focus

Back in 2011 the smartphones that we all take as a given today were still in their infancy, and as far as tablets go, the iPad had only been launched the year before. So it is fair to say Leo Vegas were taking a little bit of a risk making mobile their focus.

However, as we know, the percentage of us who now own smartphones and tablets is quickly nearing 100%. But, perhaps the biggest benefit of all of this approach is the effect it has on user experience. Because of the slightly stripped down technical specifications of smartphones and tablets, and sometimes inconsistent or slow mobile connections their drive to make the user experience as quick and responsive for mobile users, has given that to all users regardless of device.

LeoVegas casino
LeoVegas had won the “Best Innovation in a Casino of the Year” at the EGR Nordic Awards. Pixabay


Their focus on mobile gaming didn’t just enable them to grow quickly and supersede many much older casinos, but to garner many industry awards along the way. Starting in 2013 with their first award, the “Best Innovation in a Casino of the Year” at the EGR Nordic Awards. Today they are winning global awards such as the 2019 “Mobile Gaming Operator of the Year”, at the International gaming awards.

What they Offer

A killer app and a super quick and responsive website are not enough to keep users coming back for more. In the Indian online casino sector as well as globally, you must offer a great selection of games. From the classic casino games, to slots, lotteries, and sports betting options. And, this is exactly what LeoVegas do with slots from a variety of providers such as Merkur Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt and Novomatic.  

But the casino sector is a very competitive one with many casinos offering the same or very similar games. For that reason, there is another arms race so to speak in terms of what kinds of welcome offers, bonuses and VIP programs that an online casino in India or around the world offer to attract and keep customers on-board.

LeoVegas offer a whole host of welcome bonuses, from free spins, to the doubling of deposits and wagering bonuses. You can say these are all very standard across the industry and that nothing really stands out here, but what they do differently is how they treat their customers. With many casinos the welcome offers are where the bonuses stop (unless you become a VIP), but not with LeoVegas. And, not only do all users continue to get regular offers, but users get offers that are tailored to them and how they play. 

LeoVegas casino
LeoVegas gives a smooth and glitch-free casino experience. Pixabay

Regardless of the sector if a business offers a very tailored and individual approach to all its customers, they are less likely to leave and will spend more. Meaning those companies will do much better than their rivals.

But to truly begin playing casino games and make withdrawals any provider must have a wide range of payment options beyond debit/credit cards and bank transfers. to online payment options such as Skrill, Neteller, and even cryptocurrencies. Again this is another area in which LeoVegas excel and a point that is often noted in reviews of the casino online.

In Conclusion

It is the following factors that have really driven the success of LeoVegas:

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  • A smooth and glitch-free gaming experience created from their mobile-first approach
  • A broad and engaging selection of online casino games in India and around the world
  • A tailored experience for all users that includes continued and personalised bonuses
  • A broad selection of payment and withdrawal options
  • Multi-Award Winning



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