Let’s rise for humanity and rewrite history through World Cultural Festival 2016

New Delhi: In a bid to celebrate the ‘Art of Living’, New Delhi will be holding the World Cultural Festival 2016 from 11th to 13th March.

The festival aims at upholding the diversity across the globe besides focusing on the unity of human race.

However, the sole motive is to spread harmony and joy across the whole world.

The festival will bring the entire world under one umbrella of compassion and peace celebrating core values of service, humanity and spirituality.

When parts of the world are ravaged with terrorism, the culture festival aims at spreading love and compassion. Because love overflows from diverse backgrounds yet unite each other. The message is simple, spread love, it has no form and remains unspoken.

The World Cultural Festival tries to serve as a platform where not only people from diverse backgrounds interact but they exchange their culture, art, traditions and cuisine. This festival extravaganza is organised on a grand level where everyone shares love and happiness. It is expected that people across the globe from over 150 countries will attend.

Renowned artists will enthral the audience with their performances and try to unite the world.

The gala event is sponsored by Ministry of Culture, NSD, Lalit Kala Akademi and Sangeet Natak Akademi. (Inputs from agencies)(Picture courtesy: ytimg.com)