Life Of A Student Amidst COVID’19

Students life when the entire world was shut down

Students taking online classes
Students are engaging in remote learning amid COVID'19. Unsplash

By Ayushi Sharma

I, being a student, want to share my thoughts on how life has changed amidst COVID’19.

As there are two sides to every coin, similarly COVID’19 lockdown had its pros and cons. Initially, as the lockdown began, there was a sense of excitement as the entire world was shutting down.

Life of student in COVID'19
All parents should follow standard hygiene measures for themselves and their children: Wash hands frequently or use an alcohol-based sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol, practice good respiratory hygiene. Unsplash

Pros of Lockdown:

There were no schools, colleges, meetings to attend, etc. In simple words, I could spend the entire day doing whatever I wanted to do. From binge-watching Netflix to spending hours painting, I did everything that made me happy.

Cons of Lockdown: 

After a month, I started feeling anxious. I felt unproductive and started questioning my future. Social distancing was the key to keep ourselves safe from the virus, but I started missing my friends. I felt isolated and socially inactive. There came a moment when everything seemed boring to me. Video calling my friends was no longer exciting. There were no online classes taking place at that time since schools and universities were figuring out remote learning.

Gyms and parks were all shut down. I used to eat all day long with no physical activity. Nobody was allowed to step outside their house. This made me feel lethargic and unhealthy. I no longer had a routine.

COVID'19 Lockdown affecting students
The coronavirus pandemic has now killed more than 5,90,000 people worldwide in almost seven months. Unsplash

Lockdown Unlock:

After two months of feeling unproductive and worthless, my college finally figured a way to take classes online. The thought of dressing up the next morning and taking classes, seeing my teachers teach and learning gave me hope. It felt as if life is coming back together.

One fine day, I came across the news of lockdown unlock. This was somewhere in mid-July. As the unlock took place, I began to meet my relatives, a few of my friends, but it was all so weird. All of us were continuously sanitizing our hands, making sure that we don’t touch our faces or remove our masks. I now have realized that this is the new normal.

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The New Normal:

As a student, the new normal is to keep our laptops and phone charged for our online classes, online submission of our assignments, online practical classes, uploading video clips of our practical assignments, online viva exams, etc.

This too has its own advantages and disadvantages. Continuous exposure to screens can affect our eyes. Online classes don’t require any physical activity, this has made us students lazy. At the same time, learning is taking place effectively even in the pandemic. Students can easily access their study materials at ease with the help of remote learning. Teachers are always available to guide their students at any point in the day.

Let’s hope for a better and a normal tomorrow.