‘Likeness without reference- the cultures of forgery’ : Piramal Museum of Art to create awareness on Fake art through Exhibition

Indian Paintings, Wikimedia

Mumbai, Jan 8, 2017: In an attempt to decipher the concepts behind the identification of real and fake in art, the Piramal Museum of Art here has opened an educative showcase titled ‘Likeness without reference – the cultures of forgery’.

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The showcase will shed light on the notion of ‘original’ within the realm of prints and sculptures, the monetary differences, and the difficulty in authentication, despite several measures in place to counter the phenomenon.

The exhibition will display various case studies on the works of pioneers from the Indian art spectrum such as M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza, Jamini Roy and Raja Ravi Varma, amongst others whose works are commonly forged; as well as works in living traditions such as miniatures and Tanjore paintings.

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“The event addresses the minute details associated with techniques to authenticate works, including common methods such as evaluation of authenticity certificates to more challenging processes such as quantifying ‘the artist’s hand’,” Ashvin Rajagopalan, Director, Piramal Art Foundation, said in a statement.

The exhibit will continue for public viewing till March 31. (IANS)