Monday January 20, 2020

Researchers Find Molecular Link Between Oestrogen and Bone Ageing

In addition, Sema3A was found to promote the survival of osteocytes -- bone cells -- in these mice

oestrogen therapy can increase working memory under stress
oestrogen therapy can increase working memory under stress. wikimedia commons

Researchers have found a new molecular link between oestrogen and bone ageing, which may eventually lead to new strategies to treat osteoporosis among post-menopausal women.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and prone to fractures.

Women over 50 are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis, which may be due to the loss of oestrogen that occurs after menopause.

“Over the last few decades, we’ve learned that oestrogen plays an important role in maintaining a functional bone matrix,” said Tomoki Nakashima from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) in Japan.

However, how oestrogen does this, was not fully understood, the researchers said.

bone loss
Decoded: How does oestrogen protect bones? Check it out here.

In the study, the researchers discovered a protein called Sema3A, which was found to maintain bone matrix — proteins and minerals in bone — suggesting a relationship between oestrogen and Sema3A.

Further, the researchers found that blood serum levels of the protein Sema3A decreased in pre-menopausal women as they get older and dropped even more once they reach menopause.

In the study done on mice, the ovaries of mice were removed but it was found that the loss of oestrogen did not prevent their bones from deteriorating.

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In addition, Sema3A was found to promote the survival of osteocytes — bone cells — in these mice.

“We believe that as women lose oestrogen with age and Sema3A levels drop, osteocytes begin to die and bone loses the ability to maintain its supportive structure,” Mikihito Hayashi from the varsity said. (IANS)

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Here’s Everything you Need to Know about Women Weight Training

7 benefits of weight training women should know

Women weight training
Here are 7 benefits of weight training for women. Lifetime Stock

Want maximum results in minimum time? Well, you’re not alone and its not criminal to want fast results. The best way to go about it is to get a personal trainer so they can guide you and see to it that you maintain a fitness regime that is holistic and well-planned for your body type, capabilities and lifestyle.

To help you achieve this, Ultimate Performance which believes in this mantra has 250 Ultimate Performance elite personal trainers. With 12 gyms worldwide, spanning across nine countries and four continents, its outfit in Mumbai has an unrivalled private facility. Besides, it houses the very best strength training equipment, especially handpicked and imported from around the world, all set to create an unprecedented environment for those looking to achieve real, measurable, lasting results.

Having trained a number of notable clients including Sonam Kapoor, Gwendoline Christie, Olivia Colman, Glen Powell, Kevin McHale, Renee Bargh and Lamorne Morris, you can count on it for great results. Ridhi Sharma, Managing Director-Ultimate Performance, shares the benefits of weight training for women.

Women fitness
Training weights not only builds physical strength for women, but also it’s the best way for women to improve their overall health. Lifetime Stock

1. Weight training benefits women

Most women feel weight training is solely the preserve of men. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Training weights not only builds physical strength for women, but also it’s the best way for women to improve their overall health and well-being, lose body fat and manage their body weight better, and improve the shape of their body.

2. It is one of the fastest ways to lose fat

Most women solely focus on cardio as a way to lose body fat. While this is a useful fat loss tool, weight training is a much more time-efficient and effective way of losing body fat. Whereas, cardio only burns calories, weight training will burn calories but also build muscle tissue which increases metabolic rate, whilst also improving the shape of your body.

3. It is one of the best ways to drastically improve your body confidence

Training with weights is the best way for any woman to improve her body confidence. When you feel lean and strong, you look good and your clothes fit better, this has a positive impact on the way that you feel in everyday life.

4. It will give you an incredible mental boost

The physical strength that you can build through lifting weights has massive carryover into your everyday life — and not just in terms of body confidence.

A 2018 study from the University of Limerick in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, showed that strength training showed improvements in depressive symptoms such as low mood, feelings of worthlessness and loss of interest in activities.

women health
Weight training is a much more time-efficient and effective way of losing body fat for women. Lifetime Stock

5. Weight training is an effective way to strengthen your bones

As women age, particularly beyond menopause, the risk of degenerative bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, increases. Studies show that weight training is an effective way to help prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of osteoporosis-related fractures, which can have serious health and mobility implications later in life.

6. It is a great way to balance your hormones

Weight training is brilliant for women that struggle with their hormones. Firstly, lifting weights can help improve your body’s insulin response. This can help with circulating cortisol levels (a stress hormone), helps your hormones and helps make your tissues healthier and your body detoxify better.

Xenoestrogen levels are likely to come down too, and it can bring down systemic inflammation. For anyone with blood sugar management problems, such as pre-diabetes or diabetes, weight training can improve their body’s response to insulin. Many women who suffer from PCOS often suffer with insulin resistance and elevated insulin levels can cause hormonal imbalances. Weight training can improve this and help ameliorate PCOS symptoms, one of which is problems losing weight.

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7. It will improve your health span

For women, weight training is a cornerstone of a long and healthy life.

Research shows lifting weights reduces the risk of all-cause mortality and makes you healthier, for longer, in life. (IANS)