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LinkedIn makes recruiting process easier by launching the Scheduler feature. Wikimedia Commons

As its fastest-growing market outside the US, LinkedIn’s member base in India has seen a 20 times growth in 10 years, from 3.4 million in November 2009 to 62 million members till date, the company announced on Wednesday as the professional networking platform completes a decade of operations in India.

The company’s member base in India has nearly doubled in the past four years, thus, making it the leading market outside the US.

“We are excited to celebrate 10 strong and successful years of LinkedIn in India, a decade of connecting India’s professionals to diverse opportunities. It has been an exciting journey to see the platform, the member base, and our teams grow from strength to strength,” Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Head, LinkedIn, said in a statement.

The Microsoft-owned professional networking platform is the world’s largest professional network with over 660 million members globally.

The company noted that it was focused on closing the “network gap”. A recent research conducted by the firm reinforces that a strong professional network can enable job satisfaction and highlight the crucial role of networking in gaining access to employment.

This is reflected in LinkedIn’s “Network Trends” APAC survey findings that highlight that 42 per cent of Indian professionals claim to have an above average network, and out of that 42 per cent, 88 per cent feel satisfied with their current jobs.

“To celebrate this milestone, today we also announce the Top Voices 2019 India List featuring our most engaged members, who have helped create stronger communities and conversations on the platform,” Gupta added.

LinkedIn reports that HR professional number grew by 80% in last 5 years in India. Pixabay

In November 2009, the firm expanded its international presence by setting up its first office in India in Mumbai.

Today, more than 5,00,000 active jobs and 5,57,000 companies are represented on the platform in India, thus, providing the Indian workforce with a big repository of career and networking opportunities.

Notably, member engagement on the LinkedIn feed globally is at an all-time high recording sessions growth at 27 per cent year-over-year and 30 plus billion sessions in FY19, fuelled by record levels of engagement in the feed content, original content and growth of video on the platform.

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In November 2011, LinkedIn recognised India’s strong technical and engineering talent and built the first R&D centre outside Mountain View which was Bengaluru.

Today, this R&D centre is leading the charge on building community products for LinkedIn’s global member base, and is a strategic partner to the Global Trust Organisation.

LinkedIn’s annual “Top Voices 2019 India List” includes names from diverse industries such as government dignitary Kiran Bedi, spiritual leader Sadhguru, entrepreneur Adhil Shetty, stand-up comedian Rahul Subramaniam and business leader Poonam Barua. (IANS)


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