Lisa Haydon Teams up With Beauty Brand to Talk About Women’s Challenges

The project also explores the experiences of gender norms, while encouraging and empowering women to voice their concerns and incidents

Lisa Haydon Teams up With Beauty Brand to Talk About Women's Challenges
Lisa Haydon Teams up With Beauty Brand to Talk About Women's Challenges. (IANS)

Model-actress Lisa Haydon has teamed up with beauty brand MyGlamm to launch a campaign urging Indian women to end eve-teasing by communicating their confidence by turning on their eyes through a campaign titled #TurnOnYourEyes.

The campaign aspires to create awareness about the euphemisms that exist within the social and cultural spheres in India, by requesting fellow citizens to reach out to the masses through social media to spread the message and create sentience, to help remain in the nation’s consciousness.

“This is a cause I can relate with as I have experienced this and see women experience this around me every day. It’s time we stood our ground with confidence, feeling no shame,” Lisa said in a statement.

The campaign celebrates the modern woman of today and spotlights the challenges faced by women in the country with regard to Eve teasing and sexual harassment, urging them to glare back, and battle the perceptions and misconceptions laid down in our country, said a statement.

Lisa Haydon.
Lisa Haydon.

To help spread this message, MyGlamm is also donating every time there is a unique share of this message up to Rs 1 Crore to Give India and the Magic Bus India Foundation.

The project also explores the experiences of gender norms, while encouraging and empowering women to voice their concerns and incidents, to work towards a rewarding solution and a lasting change.

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Malaika Mahtaney, CMO, MyGlamm said: “The unwanted male gaze is the first step in what eventually leads to eve-teasing and sexual harassment. We at MyGlamm are launching the #TurnOnYourEyes campaign to empower women and eradicate the problem at the root.

“To help make this message viral and to make a difference, MyGlamm is delighted to partner with Magic Bus and Give India and donate up to Rs 1 crore to their cause.” (Bollywood Country)

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Indian Audience is watching a Lot more Web Content and Subscribing to Web Channels

Actresses Lisa Haydon said Creative freedom is there which is difficult to get when you are doing a big budget film

A man watching a show on his mobile, (Representational image). Pixabay

Mumbai, Dec 11, 2016: Actresses Lisa Haydon, Shweta Tripathi and Sapna Pabbi, who will soon be seen in bindass’s web series “The Trip”, believe that the audience for such online fare is increasing in India.

“There are lot of consumers and a market for internet TV in America, Australia, the UK and other parts of the world. It was only a matter of time before it got a hold on the Indian audience… which is happening now.

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“The Indian audience is watching a lot more web content and subscribing to web channels. So, the reach among the Indian audience is also increasing,” Lisa told IANS here.

Her co-star Shweta, who will be seen playing the character of Ananya in the series, said: “If you are talking about the Indian audience, I am one of those audience to consume web content more than TV series. I think one of the reasons why the number of viewers is increasing in India for web series is because of our lifestyle.

“We, urban people, are leading an extremely busy lifestyle where we only get time to watch things on the move, when we are travelling, while eating or doing other daily activities. Therefore, we schedule our entertainment accordingly. Web series gives you the freedom to choose your timing,” she added.

However, they believe that there is room for both — TV shows and web series.

“I don’t think that TV series can be replaced by web series as there is an audience for both. Disney India has its youth channel bindass, and they are also producing a web series.

“Still, they are not shutting any channels. Why? I think that is a great example how both products (web series and TV series) have their own audience,” said the “Khamoshiyan” star Sapna, who is playing Sanjana in “The Trip”.

Shweta added that, in her house, her mother watches TV. “Me and my sister watch internet TV. I have observed it elsewhere as well. So, there is a generational shift,” she said.

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The trio has also impressed many by their performances in films. Did the change in medium affect their performance?

“When I am performing, there is no difference. The shooting process is the same. The only difference is in schedules. When you are shooting a big budget film, you are shooting one scene or two in a day, but here in web series, you are shooting more content on the same day. However, that will not affect our performance. It was quite an exciting process for me,” said Lisa, who has featured in films like “Queen” and “Housefull 3”.

The “Masaan” star Shweta said it is nothing new for her as she has been working in independent films, which are made on small budgets.

“We always had to shoot as fast as possible. In fact, as a performer, I don’t enjoy much break between two scenes. Shooting scenes after scenes gives me a high,” she said.

Lisa wants to do more web series in India as well as abroad. She said: “Creative freedom is there which is difficult to get when you are doing a big budget film. Censorship is one of them.”

Seconding her, Shweta said: “Yes, censorship is one of the factors that one has to deal with while shooting a film or TV series. I am not saying you have to put abusive words in the name of creative liberation, but you are more conscious with TV content.”

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The story of “The Trip” revolves around a road trip from Delhi to Thailand.

Asked about their memorable girls’ road trip, Sapna said: “I used to do that a lot during my university days in the UK. I think girls’ trip is a cool thing there, but here in India, it is a big deal.”

Shweta added: “Though I have gone on many road trips with my close friends, this is the first time I, along with a group of my girl friends, will be going to Koh Samui! We were shooting there and now I will be going for a vacation. It’s going to be super fun.” (IANS)