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A Closer Look at Liverpool’s Exciting Baltic Triangle Sector

Liverpool in general is one of the best places in the UK to invest

Birthplace of the Beatles and home to the current football Champions of Europe, Liverpool is a northern great of a city that has a ton of opportunity, and a constant hum of inspiring energy. In recent years, Liverpool’s energy has spilled out from the heart of the city centre and its surrounding streets, and now has branched out throughout the entirety of the area, no longer concentrated at its core.

Here’s a more specific look at the Baltic Triangle, one of the most popular and desirable pockets of the city at the moment.

Trendiest place to live

Often drawn in parallel with the likes of London’s Shoreditch, and at one point deemed ‘the coolest place to live in Britain’ by the Times, the Baltic Market has an abundance of bars, restaurants, and attractions, perfect for a city that is known for its nightlife. Here are some of the highlights:


  • A great place to start is the Baltic Market, a grand bazaar containing food stalls from some of the best and most diverse food spots in the city, complete with a bar and live music. This place is constantly packed, and perfect for friends who can’t decide where they want to go to eat.



  • Bongo’s Bingo is a must-visit attraction for a night out, situated in the Camp & Furnace restaurant across from Cain’s Brewery. It’s very different from your average bingo night, that’s for sure, with anything from rave intervals to dance-offs around the corner. Weird prizes are also on offer here, but whether you’ll want them or not is a different story.



  • Again situated in the heart of the area is Ghetto Golf, a fully indoor mini-golf course, decorated with snazzy neon lights and loud music. Again perfect for a night out with friends, the out-of-the-ordinary course has some ‘interesting’ hole choices and a fully-fledge cocktail bar.


Investment strong spot

While Liverpool in general is one of the best places in the UK to invest, with comparatively affordable house prices (currently sitting at £174,232 according to Zoopla, as opposed to £644,215, for example, in London) and high average rental yields, the Baltic Triangle specifically is an outlier and opportunity for investors. As a prime example, RWinvest are aiming to keep on top of the demand from tenants to live in the area, preparing high-quality buy-to-let apartments and housing at the centre of the area. There are even plans in motion for a £70m hotel, allowing more people to stay and enjoy the area.

Birthplace of the Beatles and home to the current football Champions of Europe, Liverpool is a northern great of a city that has a ton of opportunity, and a constant hum of inspiring energy. Pixabay

Digital trendsetter

The Baltic Triangle is where many digital businesses call home, inhabiting the once unused warehouse buildings of yesterday and giving them a new purpose. These companies have not only thrived in recent years, cultivating an exciting sense of community in the city, but they are also contributing significantly to the city’s overall economy.

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Additionally, while the area is already heavily populated by a large number of young business and professionals, the city’s makeup of creative and talented young people will also surely push it forward as developments continue. Many students living and working at the surrounding universities will no doubt want to continue to contribute upon graduation, and there are even schools such as The Studio situated on the doorstep of the Baltic Triangle, with programmes and skills aiming to give them all they need to make the most of the facilities nearby to them. For a young person looking to garner experience and digital skills, it’s an exciting place to be.



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