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Don’t Let Lockdown Diminish The Spirit of World Cocktail day

This summer make some amazing cocktails on World Cocktail Day

Life in lockdown is hectic, especially with space constraints, privacy constraints, work from home stress, and an overload of work in the home, here’s something you can celebrate— today, is World Cocktail Day!

We cannot help but reminisce the many occasions we have enjoyed our favourite cocktails amongst friends and family. With the on-going pandemic, virtual happy hours have replaced stepping out, but that does not mean one cannot be their own bartender and make themselves a cocktail in the comfort of their homes.

This World Cocktail Day, Diageo helps you set a new tradition, to learn the art of making a few your favourite cocktails at home. Taste summer in a sip with these delicious concoctions curated by Diageo’s finest Brand Ambassadors.

It was on 13th May 1806 when the word �cocktail’ was first officially defined, hence marking the day as World Cocktail Day. Since then cocktails have not only been a celebratory drink at parties but also a beautiful serve we like to order on the regular, when out with our friends. Cocktails have always known to pique the interest of many patrons looking to enjoy their choice of liquor combined with complementary additives.

The Dutch Mule


60ml Ketel One Vodka

15ml Fresh lime juice

15ml Ginger juice

15ml Orange Oleo Saccharums*

120ml Soda water


Add all ingredients to a rocks glass (copper mug if you have one)

Stir to combine

Fill glass with ice

Garnish with a slice of lime

A refreshing start with some classy cocktails. Pixabay

Tanqueray and Tonic


50ml Tanqueray London dry gin

150ml of Indian tonic water


At first, fill a large wine glass with some ice

Now pour Tanqueray and tonic water together into it

Stir it well and finally garnish with a twist (or slice) of fresh citrus

Johnnie and Lemon


50ml Johnnie Walker Red Label

150ml White Lemonade (Lemonade with sugar and lemon)


In a highball glass filled with ice pour the whisky

Add in the sweet lemonade and stir

Garnish with an orange slice or orange peel

Watermelon Martini


50ml Ketel One Vodka

80 -100 gms cubes of fresh watermelon

2-3 TSP Sugar depends on the sweetness of the fruit


Cut watermelon into 16 segments, chop the flesh from one segment into cubes and muddle in a base of shaker. Add other ingredients, shake with ice and strain into chilled glass.

Don’t mind Martini glass, if you don’t have one, feel free to use any glass.

Garnish: Watermelon slice

These cool cocktails will keep your spirits high in lockdown. Pixabay

Tanqueray Tom Collins


50ml Tanqueray Gin

1 Lime

20ml Honey



Fill the shaker with ice cubes

Add Tanqueray, sweetener, squeeze lime, shake well, pour in glass, top with soda

Garnish: Lime Slice


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Orange Oleo Saccharum


1 cup Orange peel

1 cup White Sugar


Remove as much as pith (the white bit) from the orange peel as you can

Place the peel in an air tight container with the sugar. Squash it with a wooden spoon/ muddler and refrigerate for 8-10 hours

Strain the contents into a clean bowl and use warm water to dissolve the remaining sugar

Bottle the syrup and refrigerate (IANS)



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