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“Even If the Lockdown Gets Lifted, I Don’t Think There’s Going to be Any Standup for Three-Four Months Maybe”, Says Sorabh Pant

Pant believes that comedy is still better off than other, worse-hit, genres.


Standup comedian Sorabh Pant, who is thriving in the lockdown by creating online content and keeping busier than before, believes that it may a while before we see the face of auditorium-level live comedy gigs.

“Even if the lockdown gets lifted, I don’t think there’s going to be any standup for three-four months maybe. I would love to do a show right now, but it’s not the right time to do anything in a public place. In fact, there were a couple of shows that we could have done (before the lockdown), but it seemed unethical to do. We are using technology in our favour, and there are so many platforms putting out so much content. The recovery would be slow, and I think it’s going to be a while before you have a show where you are performing for 700 people in an auditorium,” Pant, 38, told IANSlife.

Even though the novel Coronavirus crisis has been a dampener for performing artists, Pant maintains that comedy is still better off than other, worse-hit, genres.

“ I think it’s going to be a while before you have a show where you are performing for 700 people in an auditorium,” Pant, 38, told IANSlife. Pixabay

“There are no physical shows in standup currently, but it’s fine. Honestly, other industries have been far worse hit than us. We’re not in a place to complain because at least we have the opportunity to being able to use the online world to our benefit,” he added.

True to his word, the noted comedian is tickling people’s funny bone in a special series for Audible Suno, while he takes on every topic under the sun, ranging from children, chores, maintaining productivity, pulling pranks, and dealing with 24X7 proximity with your spouse. He is also going live on YouTube every morning, and recording and listening to other podcasts.

“I listen to two hours of podcasts a day. Now is a time for us to push out podcasting even more. There are enough good Indian podcasts out there for people to listen to. The reason why I have done the Audible output in Hinglish is, so it can expand the number of people that listen to it.”

As people are staying indoors looking for options to entertain themselves, Pant is noting a rise as high as 30 percent in his viewership on YouTube.

Personally, how is he is faring during the lockdown?

“We have to keep working in the lockdown. We are freelancers, it’s not like we have salary coming. You have to create your own opportunities and be your own boss. I am writing more and creating more stuff from when I was purely doing standup. I am keeping myself very busy, because if I wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t be in a very happy state. Both my kids are entertaining, and my wife is very amusing, so it’s all good right now,” Pant laughs.

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His mantra to look at the brighter side when all seems mundane?

“If there’s something you can’t control, it’s best to accept it and figure out how best to use this chance to improve yourself or do something different. Also, be there for people who require it. I think looking beyond yourself is a good idea, and looking within yourself to try and see how you can rise above what is happening in your life.”

The comedian also did a couple of fundraiser shows for doctors – who he calls “effectively our soldiers and warriors right now” – to get personal protective equipment (PPE) kits while fighting the pandemic on the frontline.(IANS)



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