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Lodha panel recommends BCCI to include more cricketers than politicians


New Delhi: A panel led by former Chief Justice of India RM Lodha presented its report on BCCI today and called for sweeping changes in the most influential governing body in the world.

Lodha said that the committee discussed with all the stakeholders especially the cricketers. Six former captains were also asked to provide suggestions. The cricketers included Bishan Singh Bedi, Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble.

The committee recommended that every state should have a single governing body. Currently, some states like Maharashtra has three different bodies and cricket teams namely Maharashtra, Mumbai and Vidarbha. It also said that the bodies which have no territory like Sevices or Railways should be relegated to associate status with no voting rights.

The panel further recommended for a separate body for BCCI and IPL.

The committee recommended that the controlling  body of IPL should be known as the governing council, which will comprise of nine members. The secretary and the treasurer of the BCCI will be ex-officio members of this IPL governing council. Two other members of the IPL governing council will be nominated/elected by the full members. Out of the remaining five, two will be the nominees of franchises, one will be a representative of the players association (so one needs to be formed), one will be a nominee of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s office.

The committee also recommended the formation of a constitution and a players association and an apex council. These all will be there so that complaints can be received and the rights of players can be safeguarded.

The appointed ombudsman will be given the right to take cognizance of complaints suo moto, or received a complaint or referred complaint by apex council. The ombudsman should be a judge of the Supreme court or the retired judge of a High court.

A former High court judge should be appointed as an ethics officer. There should be an appointment of an electoral officer to oversee the election process of BCCI and that officer should be a former election commissioner of India.

The biggest recommendation is to bring BCCI under the jurisdiction of RTI and there must be certain eligibility criteria for appointment of office bearers of BCCI including the president, VP, secretary, joint secretary and treasurer. The criteria include that he must be an Indian citizen, he must be below 70 years of age, he must not be insolvent, he must not be a minister or a government servant, and should not have held office in the BCCI for a cumulative period for nine years.

Each office bearer will have a tenure of three years and no office bearer can hold the office for more than three terms with the rider that there will be a cooling off after each term. This means no office bearer can hold terms consecutively.

The panel also recommended that selection committee should comprise only of ex-cricketers. Even the state board should have cricketers, not politicians.

Lauding the good work by the BCCI over the years, Lodha said that the recommendations are not binding for the BCCI. It is up to the Supreme Court to decide on the enforcement of the recommendations, he added.(

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Upcoming Events in India

Know about the upcoming mega-events in India

India Events
India organizes several events every year and these events are followed by some trends to hype up the event industry. Wikimedia Commons

India organizes several events every year and these events are followed by some trends to hype up the event industry, these trends are bang on and help in making the event successful. These trends keep on changing from time to time, but there are some trends which are evergreen and some are just for the time being. 

Indian markets are growing rapidly with the new industries and brands coming up, and these industries and brands conduct different events to gain interactive experience and popularity. The events in India are categorised into:

  • Entertainment Events- award ceremony, promotions, music or video release, gaming, etc.
  • Corporate Events- seminars, conferences, training programs, etc.
  • Social Events- birthday parties, weddings, get together, etc.
  • Educational Events- TEDx, community service, etc.

Let’s discuss about some of the events taking place in India.

India Events
TEDx is an educational events that takes place in various parts of India and the world. Wikimedia Commons

IPL- Indian Premier League

IPL tops the list of commercial events in India and is the biggest and most popular cricket league. Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) was the founder of IPL. The first event of IPL was organized in 2008 and since then it has grown leaps and bounds in popularity among the masses. IPL follows the Twenty20 cricket pattern and is played in the month of March or April and May. 

This is a franchisee based cricket league with eight teams which represent eight different cities in India. International cricket players also participate in this event. IPL became the first sporting event to be broadcasted live on YOUTUBE, in 2010. IPL has completed twelve seasons of the event and Mumbai Indians are the current title holders who the tournament in 2019.


SUNBURN which is owned by Percept Ltd. started from Vagator beach, Goa in 2007, is now Asia’s largest music festival. It is a commercial Live EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival in India, with a huge fan following, organized in Goa and Pune. Sunburn also organizes many concerts in IIMs, IITs, IISERs and many other colleges which helps the EDM craze grow among the teenagers and portrays an evolving modern change throughout Indian colleges. More than 100 international artists and DJs participate and play live in the main Sunburn event which takes place by the end of December. Sunburn gets an enthusiastic participation for this pandemonium of fun, food, music and frolic.

India Events
IPL tops the list of commercial events in India.


IGX is one of the largest gaming festival of India featuring IGX battles, cosplay, performances (like live gaming, music, stand-up comedy, etc.), workshops, panels, product launches, first look of games to be launched, experience of VR multiplayer, racing simulation and board games and exclusively the block buster games and latest hardware. It has been more than 3years now since the event is being organised and its visitors count is nearing the 100,000 mark. The distinct features of the event which make it sought after are its gaming cosplay and interaction of gamers, prospective and aspiring students with the representatives of universities and colleges in the field of computer games. The games offered in events like IGX are only for entertainment with no real money involved as gambling is restricted in India except for lotteries and horse racing. But you can enjoy the gaming experience at the brick and mortar casinos in Goa, Sikkim and Daman.

Even though Indian casinos cannot promote online casino games, and the situation with online betting in India is not 100% clear. Officially, betting and gambling are illegal in India. However, no laws specifically make online betting illegal, and there are numerous offshore betting platforms that accept bets from Indian citizens.

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Above we have discussed just a few events happening in India of different genres. There are many other commercial events, sports events, non-commercial events like ISL, Pro Kabaddi League, Pro Wrestling League, NH7 Weekender, India Bike Week, ESL, Dream Hack, Phoenix Gaming Expo(PGX), etc happening on a large scale all-round the year. All these events are done on a big scale to build an image, for a better interaction with interested prospects and to gain popularity.