A Long Dispute Comes To An End

500 Years Old Dipute Comes To An End

Ayodhya's long Dispute
Bhoomi Poojan at Ram Mandir was successfully conducted on August 05, 2020. (Representational image). Pinterest

By Muskan Handa

A Long Dispute Comes to an End Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Rama. On November 09, 2019; a landmark decision by our present honorable court has put an end to a dispute. The long history of 500 years of the battle of Ram Mandir is the history of the struggle for the existence of Hindus. At the moment of Bhoomi Poojan of Ram Mandir will not only be viewed politically or only religiously, but also beyond it. The current prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi himself has visited the place for Land worshiping (Bhoomi Poojan) and laying the foundation or Ram Mandir.

In 1992, the Mosque was demolished and till this decision, the land was left barren and wasn’t used. History will teach among many things, Ram Mandir is the memory of the 60K temples ruined & 80 million Hindu lives taken. While the world’s indigenous civilizations were all wiped out by Islamists & Christian colonialists, they couldn’t take Hindu Bharat. It’s a proud moment for every Hindu as they won the battle for the land of their deity.

Ayodhya's long Dispute
A portrait of Lord Rama. Pinterest


The foundation of this temple was important for us because we idolize Shri Ram as a great leader and a noble king, a great soul with a big heart. The way he sacrificed for his people and his family was a remarkable memory.

This would obviously be the proud moment for the people including Hindus and Muslims who fought for this land and lost their lives for this land. There was a dispute for this land between two religious communities i.e. Hindus and Muslims, which was due to the Babri Masjid, a mosque that was not supported by a large community of Hindus as this was considered holy as it is the birthplace of a Hindu deity. This dispute had been in place since the 18th century.

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Finally, the souls of people who fought for this land will rest in peace after such a long time of the dispute. We are obliged to witness this era of change where history is in making i.e. the inauguration of Shri Ram Mandir, Ayodhya and we can narrate these as stories or tales to our upcoming generations.