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Blue green and brown peacock feather.

- By Kashish Rai

Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Shri Hari is a very popular Hindu deity who is worshipped by millions of people all across the world! The appearance of the supreme lord is very attractive, and people may always see him wearing a beautiful peacock feather on his head! Have you ever wondered, why does the lord always has it? Well, today I am going to tell you the story mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam which will explain the same!


One day, Krishna woke up first while he was taking a rest with his cowherd friends in the Vrindavan forest. He decided to wake everyone and started playing his melodious flute to call all the cows grazing at a distance. When the supreme Lord blew the nectar of his lips into the flute, a melodious raga with a slow rhythm and a deep base emerged from its end, which produced an alluring vibration. Mystically, that vibration enchanted the peacocks in and around the Govardhan hills at the holy Vrindavan. The hearts of all the peacocks began to sing in happiness which encouraged the peacocks to dance!

Lord Shri Krishna, who is himself the source of all dramatic arts, was pleased with their dance and encouraged them by his kind glances and charming smile. The peacocks cried with joy and it sounded all over the hills. Within some time, their sounds became unintelligible from the echoes! The peacocks became excited and jumped up and down, flapping their wings in harmony.

As all the peacocks danced, the king of the peacocks made his way to the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord Krishna. It touched the holy feet of the Lord and made a sound which Krishna took as a thanking note and a request by the peacocks to dance with them. Lord Shri Krishna accepted to dance amidst them, and began dancing gracefully like the peacocks!

The peacocks increased the tempo of their melodious voice according to the rhythm of Krishna's steps. The bliss of the peacocks increased multifold when the supreme lord danced with them in joy! It was so overwhelming that some peacocks even fainted. All the animals and cowherds of the Govardhan hills stood mesmerized, unable to move their eyes away from the dance of the divine Lord.

Lord Krishna Lord Krishna is a major deity in Hinduism. He is worshipped as the eighth incarnation of Shri Hari Vishnu. NewsGram

Seeing the uncommon performance of its master, the flute in Lord Shri Krishna's hand began to sing on its own! The flute itself played a melodious tune that added more sanctity to the blissfulness which was spread all around! The spectacle was extremely splendid when seen from the top of the Govardhan hills of the Vrindavan Dham or from the Goloka itself which is the supreme aboard of the Lord.

Lord Krishna and the peacocks danced for a long time and slowly the tired peacocks stopped dancing. But Lord Shri Krishna continued dancing to the rhythm of his own steps. After many days, when he stopped dancing, there was an enchanting silence.

The king of the peacocks approached Shri Krishna with great diffidence, bowed down his head towards the Lord's Lotus Feet, and said,

"Oh Supreme Lord! You have created a festival of bliss for which we will be eternally indebted to you! It is our duty to offer you 'Gurudakshina'. I request you to accept our only opulence that is our feathers! Please wear them on your crown as a decoration."

With large tears of ecstasy, the king of peacocks dropped many divine feathers. Lord Shri Krishna lovingly accepted the offering of the peacocks and picked up the feathers and with respect to everybody's delight, placed a few of them on his turban. Thus, the supreme godhead came to wear the peacock feathers on his head!

Lord Krishna The anecdotes and narratives of Lord Krishna's life are generally titled as Krishna Leela.NewsGram

Lesson From The Story

This story teaches how we should always offer the best thing we have to the lord with all the love and devotion. This story also teaches appreciation.

Lord Krishna here teaches that when we get something from others we should be very thankful because it becomes very precious. Doing something like this is a sign of compassion & love, and therefore has great significance.

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In the story, Lord Krishna puts the feathers given by the peacocks on his head to offer his gratitude for the service that the peacocks rendered him by dancing on the tunes of his enchanting flute. Hence, we all must also offer our gratitude and respect to one another!


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