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Then the angle of Love Jihad in Karnataka is very much a reality. Wikimedia Commons

The term, Love Jihad is making rounds from the last couple of few years and has emerged as a hot topic for debate in our society. It is quite prevalent in many of the Indian states. As per the various statements of the Hindu activists, Love Jihad is when a Muslim boy manipulates a Hindu girl to get married by forcing them to convert to Islam. The next thing follows it is, preaching of sermons to the young girls. In such cases, Muslim boys are instructed to lure the Hindu girls with various techniques and gain their trust.

Many politicians and public figures have come forward to raise their voice against the menace of Love Jihad. A few months back, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also attested the very fact of Love Jihad in Kerala. The southern states are a major victim of this peril.

Muslim boys are instructed to lure the Hindu girls with various techniques and gain their trust. Pixabay

In 2006, Bajrang Dal leaders declared a campaign to save the Hindu girls from the clutches of Muslim boys. Then the angle of Love Jihad in Karnataka was very much a reality. There the situation was such that the members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad started dragging the Hindu girls who used to be found mingled with Muslim boys to the police station. Then the girl was shame by summoning their parents and publishing their names in local newspapers. In some places, Church was very much in apprehension regarding Love Jihad.

Congress and other LEFT parties have claimed it to be a hoax. In one of the speeches, even the former Kerala DGP also highlighted and accepted the very reality of it.

In one of a recent incident, a person named Niraj Gera published an ordeal of a girl, who went through the nightmare of Love Jihad. The plight of the girl was very much spine-chilling as per her story. She was mentally tortured by the Muslim boy and his family. Fortunately, at last, the girl was lucky enough to get out of the merciless clutches of the boy.

There is no doubt that fake news makes the circle in our society but it doesn’t change the very fact of Love Jihad. The thing remains a hoax until it strikes you. People who are encouraging it are not even doing justice to their own faith itself.



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Currently, when users set up WhatsApp Pay in India, the service only verifies the phone number linked to your bank account to enable UPI-based transactions

Facebook-owned WhatsApp may soon ask users to verify their identity to make payments on the platform. According to XDA Developers, new strings spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta release suggest that the messenger will require users to upload verification documents to continue using payments on WhatsApp. Currently, when users set up WhatsApp Pay in India, the service only verifies the phone number linked to your bank account to enable UPI-based transactions. In Brazil, the messenger uses Facebook Pay to validate users' credit or debit cards to facilitate payments.

At the moment, the service doesn't require users to submit any identity verification documents to make payments. However, that might change soon, the report said. WhatsApp v2.21.22.6 beta includes a few new strings which suggest that users might have to submit identity verification documents to continue using payments.

The identity verification might be limited to those who use WhatsApp Pay to receive payments for their businesses. UPI-based apps, like Google Pay, PhonePe and even WhatsApp Pay don't require users to submit any documents to transfer or receive money. However, wallet apps like PayTM do ask for KYC verification as per RBI guidelines.

WhatsApp is yet to make an official announcement regarding this change. Since the new strings have just made their way to the beta version, it might be a while before the company reveals any details, the report said. (IANS/ MBI)

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