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Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

With a CT scan, a doctor can tell whether there are small lesions present in your lungs, which wasn’t seen on an X-ray

If you’re among the people with a high risk of getting lung cancer, you may opt for annual lung cancer screenings, involving the use of low-dose CT scans. Most lung cancer screenings are offered to people of 55 years and above with a long smoking history. It doesn’t matter if you’re healthy; as long as you’re a smoker, you may need screening. You can consult with your doctor concerning your lung cancer risk and decide whether you need testing. The following involves screening procedures and treatment.

Lung cancer diagnosis test

If you feel your lifestyle is exposing you to the risk of lung cancer, then your health care provider will suggest numerous tests for detecting cancerous cells. Like other countries, Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment in Singapore offers the following tests:

  • Imaging tests – In this test, the image of your lungs X-ray can disclose unusual masses or nodules. With a CT scan, a doctor can tell whether there are small lesions present in your lungs, which wasn’t seen on an X-ray.
  • Phlegm cytology – Whether you’re a smoker or not, you can get a cough that produces sputum. The use of a microscope to view the sputum could also show the existence of lung cancer cells.
  • A tissue sample (biopsy) – A biopsy is a procedure that involves taking some samples of the abnormal cells. For your doctor to perform a biopsy, he will use bronchoscopy, a process to examine the abnormalities in your lung. In bronchoscopy, your doctor will also pass a lighted tube down your throat through your lungs to have a clearer picture.

lung cancer
Main Cause for lung cancer. Pixabay

Another form of biopsy is mediastinoscopy involving an incision on your neck’s base with surgical tools placed behind your breastbone. The surgical instruments will extract samples of tissue from your lymph nodes.

In a biopsy, your doctor will use X-ray and CT images to direct the needle through the wall of your chest towards the lung tissues. This aims to collect suspicious cells from the lung tissue. Your doctor will also take biopsy samples from your lymph nodes or other areas like the liver in case cancer has spread.

To know the type of lung cancer you may be suffering from, cancer cell analysis done in a lab will disclose it. With detailed results from testing, your doctor will tell your exact cell characteristics to conclude your prognosis and treatment guide.

Lung cancer treatment

Decide with your doctor on the best treatment plan for your cancer based on factors like your general health, cancer type, and its stage through the below procedures.

lung cancer
With a CT scan, a doctor can tell whether there are small lesions present in your lungs, which wasn’t seen on an X-ray. Pixabay

  • Radiotherapy treatment – This treatment stops cancer cells occurring in one place from multiplying.
  • Chemotherapy – Here, the drugs to shrink or destroy cancer cells involves chemotherapy medications targeting multiplying cancer cells.
  • Surgery – According to where cancer may have spread, your doctor will operate on you to remove the cancerous lung tissue and surrounding area tissue. Further treatment might involve the removal of a large lung segment through the lobectomy procedure.

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Although lung cancer is a severe disease affecting breathing ability, early diagnostic screening for those at risk will help them get first treatment. Mostly, you will find that Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment in Singapore and other nations offer treatment through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and drug therapy.



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