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Three Ways You Can Make Money Online in 2018

It’s important to consider the best ways to make money online in 2018

One of the best things about the web is that it provides numerous ways to start your own business. No matter where you’re located or what experience you have, you can make money online with just an internet connection and an idea. The ability to earn an income online is a valuable skill, as it can potentially free you from your nine to five job, allowing you to travel and spend more time with your family. The internet is an ever-evolving place, however, and, if you’re going down this route, it’s important to consider the best ways to make money online in 2018.

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make money online
One way to make money online that still works is financial trading. Pixabay

The financial markets

To start with, you need to pick a style of trading and a broker. Most brokers provide free demo accounts so that you can get your financial feet wet before diving in. Styles of trading include spread betting and stock trading. A common method of making money from the financial markets right now is through options trading. Platforms such as IG allow you to trade on the rise and fall of the markets, with numerous markets to choose from, either from their demo or professional account. They also offer an education in trading, which is always wise to take advantage of if you’re just starting out. Now, you can also make money with Clickbank very easily.

make money online
The marketing system allows marketers (affiliates) to promote a company’s products and services online for a commission of the sale. Pixabay

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Affiliate marketing

The $3bn industry has produced numerous occasional six and seven-figure income earners. The most popular niches in affiliate marketing are the evergreen business/making money, dating and relationships, and health and fitness niches. You can begin by searching for a product or service to promote on websites such as ClickBank and CommissionJunction. You can put up a free website via Wix or, for the more advanced, WordPress, and, from there, begin learning and applying your online marketing skills to promote the affiliate products.

You can put up a free website via Wix and build a free but pretty limited website. However, if you would dedicate a bit of your budget you would get more features and better performance with Squarespace website builder, and, from there, you could begin learning and applying your online marketing skills to promote the affiliate products.

make money online
By regularly providing content that people will want to read, you will gain a faithful following. Pixabay

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Yes, blogging is still a popular activity. The key to making money is how you monetize your readership. One popular way is linking to information products that you can make money from. This, again, could be through promoting other people’s products (affiliate marketing), or maybe an information product that you’ve created yourself. You could also be paid for advertising or sponsorship. Once your readers have come to know, like, and trust you, they’ll pay more attention to your marketing messages, and be more willing to buy. You will, of course, need to ensure that your online presence is attractive enough visually, and search-engine friendly enough for the likes of Google to make it more accessible to potential readers. If you use WordPress, they have plugins to make search engine optimization easier so, don’t worry: you don’t need a degree in it. Just bear in mind that blogging is very competitive and you will need to find a niche you’re passionate in, and stick to it.

These opportunities should provide you with enough ideas to continue your exploration of making money online. Dig deeper into what you feel will work for you and do everything you can to maintain that all-important momentum. Apply what you learn in internet marketing on your own venture, and you will be on your way to making money online in 2018.



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