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Tips to Make the Most of your Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

As per the terms and conditions, the buyer must consider the Amazon pay balance while calculating the amount of cashback he gets

The ICICI Bank delivers a few premium credit cards to the deserving customers. Among them, the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card has explicit prominency. ICICI Bank has collaborated with Amazon to provide the customers with attractive discounts and cashback on purchases made from Amazon. There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy being a cardholder of the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card. Along with the benefits, the tips are also mentioned here in details.

Benefits and Tips on Payment on Amazon Purchases

There are several benefits on payments that you can enjoy during each Amazon purchase. These are discussed below in details:

Use the Cashback Rewards

Amazon, ICICI, Credit Card
There are several benefits on payments that you can enjoy during each Amazon purchase. Flickr

There are mainly two types of Amazon customers, Prime and Non-Prime. The aforesaid credit card provides 3% cashback for the Non-Prime Amazon customers while a 5% cashback is delivered to the Prime customers of Amazon on each purchase. It will be the best move for you to turn into a Prime member of Amazon and use the card to save much money.

As per the terms and conditions, the buyer must consider the Amazon pay balance while calculating the amount of cashback he gets against the purchase made with the credit card. So, it is always advisable to go through the terms and conditions of Amazon Pay thoroughly.

Try Collecting Cashback Rewards on Partner Merchants

The ICICI bank customers who hold the Amazon Pay credit card issued by the bank can get 2% cashback on all purchases done using Amazon Pay merchants. You can access more than 100 Amazon Pay merchants while buying any product from the e-commerce site. Try to shop from the Amazon Pay merchants more to make the most usage of the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card. Also, make sure the terms and conditions are necessarily followed.

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Enjoy Cashback on Every Purchase

Apart from the Amazon purchases, all the customers can get 1% cashback on all purchases irrespective of being a Prime of Non-Prime customer. Thus, a customer can enjoy exciting shopping sessions every time while holding the credit card mentioned above. The best move you can take is to shop from Amazon during the festive seasons. As you buy different things using your credit card during the festive seasons, you might get the opportunity to save hefty amounts of money. 

Take the Fuel and Dining Rewards

Since it is a premium card from ICICI Bank, you can get fuel and dining rewards while holding the card that is discussed here. You can get up to 15% discount on your regular dining bills. Furthermore, in terms of fuel charges, you can get a 1% discount on fuel surcharge on refuelling. Hence, you can use the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card while paying the bills and regular refuelling of your car and can enjoy discounts at the same time.

Amazon, ICICI, Credit Card
The aforesaid credit card provides 3% cashback for the Non-Prime Amazon customers. Flickr

Take Advantage of No Earning Expiries

As the credit card mentioned above provides cashback rewards, a common thing that can relate to it is the expiry date. The users of the ICICI Bank Amazon Pay credit card can use the cash back rewards anytime as there is no expiry date. Moreover, there is no maximum limit on your reward earnings. So, once you take this card, you can use the rewards anytime without any fret of expiry.

Provide No Joining and Annual Charges

ICICI Bank does not charge any joining or annual fee on the Amazon Pay credit card. So, you can comfortably use it without hassles once it is approved for you. Basically, the absence of the joining and the annual charges minimizes your expenditure of owning a well-rewarding credit card. Since there is no minimum spend limit, your expenses will always be in tandem with your needs. 

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Utilize the Ultimate Security Measures of the Credit Card

ICICI Bank delivers its customers optimum security when it comes to a credit card. The technology of embedded microchip could restrict the frauds to use your credit card even if it lost. Additionally, it brings down the chances of credit card duplication. You can approach the issuer bank to ensure that all the security measures are installed correctly in your credit card.

If you by chance, forget your PIN card, contact the nearest ICICI Bank branch informing the bank professionals about your problem. They can help you while executing the necessary procedures to re-issue a new PIN for you.

Hence, these are some useful tips that you can follow to enjoy the outstanding benefits given by the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card. Nevertheless, you must also satisfy all the requirements of the bank to get a premium card like this. No random customers can approach for the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card. You can only get it if the bank invites you as an eligible customer. 

The key criterion that might elevate the chances for you to get this card is already owning ICICI credit card. Furthermore, your financial history should be good. Before inviting you to apply for a credit card, the bank checks your credit score minutely. You might keep minimum expectations to get this card if you don’t own a credit card already. Even if you have a savings bank account in ICICI Bank with a lump sum principal, the bank might not deliver you the Amazon Pay card if you do not own a credit card. 

A customer is only advised to accept the invitation of the bank only if he is into online shopping. Nonetheless, this caution is common for all credit cards. Frequent purchases from Amazon with the credit card must be made with care. You should always check the credit limit granted to you by the bank. Avoid making any online purchase from Amazon that goes near your credit limit. It can restrict your chances of further purchases from Amazon. Make sure you gather authentic information about the penalty charges from the official website of the ICICI Bank. The penalty charges can be levied on you in case of any failure in repayment of outstanding bills.



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