Man from Taiwan Builds Wheelchairs for the Injured and Disabled Dogs

Pan Chieh, a Taiwanese man, uses plastic water pipes and builds wheelchairs for the disabled dogs

Disabled Dogs
Disabled dogs can walk and run again thanks to Pan Chieh's wheelchair. Wikimedia
  • A pet lover from Taiwan provides disabled dogs with wheelchairs
  • Pan Chieh uses plastic water pipes to make these dogs walk and run again
  • He has been visiting dog owners throughout the country and helping their animals

Taiwan, July 25, 2017: Pan Chieh, a 40-year-old Machine operator in Taiwan uses plastic pipes to build wheelchairs for injured and disabled dogs.

Pan had a personal experience. His friend came across an injured dog and took the dog to the animal hospital. It was learned that the dog could never walk again. But instead of buying a wheelchair at a commercial price, Pan Chieh built the wheelchair himself.

Since then, Pan has dedicated most of his time building wheelchairs for other dogs in need. A commercial wheelchair for dogs is three times the cost of Pan Chieh’s wheelchair which is less than $30 dollars.

Pan uses plastic water pipes to design his wheelchairs. On weekends, Pan and his girlfriend travel around Taiwan visiting injured/ handicapped dog owners. They charge for the travel costs and the material but also do it for free in case a dog has no sponsors.

Speaking to Business Insider, Pan recalled: “The first dog recovered completely after using the wheelchair, which gave me a lot of confidence.”

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Professor at National Taiwan University’s veterinary clinical science, Liu I-li, applauded the effort of the machine operator. The design is great and cost effective. With adjustments like a neck harness, the wheelchair will be great for dogs who will be able to walk and run again.

Pan’s passion after his experience with the stray dog proved to be great for many other animals. The pet lover makes wheelchairs for cats as well.

– prepared by Saksham Narula of NewsGram. Twitter @Saksham2393