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Man nabbed on Pune road – with wife’s severed head

Pune:  In a shocking and gruesome incident here on Friday, a man hacked his wife to death and set out on the roads with her severed head in his hand, police said. He was been arrested.

Ramu Chavan, a resident of Karaj area, had allegedly murdered his wife a few minutes before, suspecting her of infidelity.

After severing her head, limbs and torso, he was walking on the footpath with blood dripping from the head he carried in one hand and an axe in the other when shocked traffic cops accosted him.

Chavan was gently guided to the local police station and later arrested even as a team reached the murder site and recovered the victim’s other body parts.

Chavan’s mental condition is not clear.

Further investigations are underway to determine the exact motives behind the gruesome killing and Chavan’s subsequent behaviour.





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