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Marxist Humanist John Peter Berger breathes his last at the age of 90 in Paris

John Berger was an art critic, novelist, painter and poet.

New Delhi, Jan 3, 2017: John Peter Berger, a fabled English art critic breathed his last at the age of 90. He passed away at his home in the Paris suburb of Antony on Monday. His health was in a weak state since a year.

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Berger lived in France for the most parts of his life. He had moved to France in 1962 due to his distaste for life in Britain. His career as a painter started when he displayed his art pieces in the art galleries of London in the late 1940s. His novel, “G” won him the Booker Prize in 1972, mentioned PTI.

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Berger also served in the British Army from 1944-46. He was also counted as an eminent Marxist Humanist. John Berger entered the publishing world with his first novel, A Painter of Our Time which was published in 1958.

His BBC broadcasted TV series, “Ways of Seeing” brought a political view to art criticism. Scottish author Ali Smith deemed Berger as “one of the world’s most vital corresponders”.

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