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A 37-bedded care home facility in South Delhi. Pixabay

Keeping with its recent announcement to invest over Rs 300 crores across residences for seniors, care homes, and care-at-home services in the next three to four years, Antara, a part of the Max Group, has launched a 37-bedded care home facility in South Delhi’s Sylvan colony, Greater Kailash. This is the second such facility after Gurugram.

Globally, assisted care services is an established and sought-after category, especially in markets such as Japan, Singapore, the US, and many parts of Europe. India is still at a nascent stage but the demand for Assisted Care Services is expected to pick up due to the increase in the mass affluent elder population, quite a few of whom are seeking specialized services and solutions to their changing needs. The Covid-19 outbreak has accelerated the demand for dependable and professional services and solutions for seniors.

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Antara said will be setting up a chain of 30-35 such facilities including memory care homes, in the next 3-4 years. The care home services cater to seniors over the age of 55, who need more immersive interventions in their daily lives due to medical or age-related issues.

The homes provide healthcare and monitoring services with round the clock nursing support from medically trained care professionals, daily doctor consults, vital monitoring, medication administration and emergency response protocol, nutritionally assisted meals, regular physical activity, physiotherapy, and counseling sessions.

The care home services cater to seniors over the age of 55. Pixabay

“The Care Home offerings include Recuperative Care, Assisted Living, and Rehabilitation. Recuperative Care focuses on pre-and post-hospitalization recovery, while Assisted Living provides facilities and services for elders who need support in their daily living needs. The Rehabilitation services consist of physiotherapy and wellness programs designed to keep seniors mentally and physically fit,” Max Group-owned Antara said in a statement.

As per, Rajit Mehta, MD, and CEO, Antara said, the new Care Home launch is a part of a commitment to invest in creating best in class experience for seniors, ensuring happy and hassle-free aging for them.

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“Besides, the problems faced by seniors in recent times, due to the lockdown and the spike in the COVID-19 cases convinced us to fast-track the opening of the new care home facility in South Delhi. The encouraging response we are receiving for this facility also validates our hyperlocal approach and the geographic significance of the current location. The proximity to hospitals, for example, is a conscious effort to remain accessible to people who need recuperative care services. With Max Group’s experience in healthcare and hospitality, we are well-positioned to cater to all senior care needs.”

The care homes have common facilities such as dining spaces, activity spaces, and lounge areas well-equipped with senior-specific details in addition to regular engagement activities. Residents will be served nutritionally assisted meals in a homely environment. They will have access to specially designed care plans for the duration of their stay under the consultation of in-house and external doctors, said the company. (IANS)


Photo by Martin de Arriba on Unsplash

Diwali is known for gifting and jewellery tops the list, with the focus on buying gold and diamonds.

Diwali is known for gifting and jewellery tops the list, with the focus on buying gold and diamonds. ORRA jewellery, a trusted diamond jewellery brand is gearing up for the festive and bridal season. As they open their 50th store in the country, IANSlife caught up with Dipu Mehta, Managing Director, ORRA, to find out how the company plans to ramp up its now 50 company-owned and operated stores, expanding its retail presence in Tier-1 and 2 cities and target the millennial segment.

Read Excerpts:

Q: The brand is expanding in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, is brick and mortar the way forward to create a presence in this segment?

A: ORRA currently is expanding in metros plus tier-2 cities. But we aren't opening stores in any new markets. We are only opening in markets where we are already present. We are increasing the number of stores within cities as the demand for jewellery buying has also increased. Currently, we are present in 25 cities with 50 stores, and by the end of the month, we would be launching another seven stores.
Also with a category like jewellery, it is important to have brick and mortar stores as the customers like to see and hold higher value jewellery before purchasing. Jewellery buying is an important decision to the customers and having a store gives them that assurance.

ORRA logo ORRA currently is expanding in metros plus tier-2 cities. | Wikimedia Commons

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Wikimedia Commons

The Centre on Wednesday directed all Union Ministries and Departments to clear Air India's dues immediately.

The Centre on Wednesday directed all Union Ministries and Departments to clear Air India's dues immediately. An office memorandum from the Finance Ministry's Department of Expenditure said: "Recently, the Government of India has decided to disinvest Air India, and the process of disinvestment of Air India and Air India Express is ongoing."

"Air India has stopped extending credit facilities on account of purchase of air tickets. Therefore, all Ministries or Departments are directed to clear Air India's dues immediately." "Air tickets from Air India may be purchased in cash till further instructions."

In 2009, the Centre had mandated that Central government officers travel via Air India for all official purposes including availing of LTC. On Monday, conglomerate Tata Group entered into a share purchase agreement with the Central government for buying out the latter's stake in national carrier Air India, Air India Express, and AISATS.

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Sports betting has become increasingly popular among the youth in recent times

Sports betting has been around for centuries for the audience to not only watch the sport but to get more deeply involved in the match. It is a fun and often profitable activity for the viewer to win some extra fortune or simply get some extra sweat while watching the game. At first glance, sports betting may look like it's pure luck, but when you indulge deeper into the activity you realize it is more of a calculative and research activity than just pure luck. We must note that yes, luck does play a certain role to some extend but a win is not completely dependent on luck, if you're putting your bets on a certain team you have to make sure to do some research about the players on the team, history of wins and losses of the team and compare the probability of winning and then place bets.

Even though sports betting has existed since the ancient era, it was not until recently that it became increasingly popular among the youth. This happened due to the legalization of the activity and the rise of online sports betting. The technological revolution has expanded the sports betting industry, offering the bettors new markets and ways to bet. The only major difference between online bookmarkers and traditional brick-and-mortar venues of sports betting is that now you can place bets online from your mobile devices, laptops, computers etc.

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