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MBA Education: What It Gives and Who Needs It

Here's all you need to know about MBA

Many of us have heard about prestigious education in business schools with an MBA diploma. People around the world think that this is an opportunity to get a high-quality job after the studies. Do employers share this point of view?

Yes, they definitely do think so. 52% of them believe that training in business institutions has an impact on career development. 40% of employers, when choosing a future employee, nevertheless pay attention to the qualities of the candidate and his professional experience.

However, studies in this field are harder than in a simple university. It happens because, first of all, critical thinking is required for various assignments. And it is not surprising that many students fail their classes and lose money. In such cases, I was just visiting domypapers.com/critical-thinking to ask to write my critical essay. As a result, I was safe. However, there are many other aspects of studying in this field. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss what the MBA education is and why you need it.

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General Information

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a training program for middle and senior managers for effective work in various fields of management. The main feature is a focus on practical experience. So, the central place in the curriculum is occupied by real-life situations which are called case-studies.

MBA Education: What It Gives and Who Needs It
MBA is a training program for middle and senior managers for effective work in various fields of management. Pixabay

For admission to study at the MBA, in most cases you must have a diploma of higher education and work in the specialty for at least 2 years. We can say that this is an additional postgraduate education, which, depending on the chosen program, can take from 2 to 5 years. The study ends with the writing of a thesis, which is focused on solving practical problems in the field of management on the example of a specific company.

The studies cover marketing, financial and managerial technologies, strategic management, business development, the human resources management system, foreign languages, ​​and much more. Graduates of a business school are given diplomas of professional retraining of a state standard and their MBA diploma.

Business School Learning System

Business institutes focus training on an interactive exchange of knowledge and experience between students and teachers. Studies are built according to the case-study method. After studying them, course participants must make an informed decision, while relying on their own practical experience and knowledge acquired in their companies. The learning process also includes business simulations, seminars, and masterclasses.

MBA Formats

The most complete and high-quality training is provided by the Full-time MBA format, which involves everyday studies. It is mostly used in the West. The training course consists of 10-12 compulsory disciplines and the same number of electives. The total duration of education is from 10 to 24 months.

Part-time MBA provides a training regime twice a week from 19.00 to 21.30, as well as on Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00. The time may vary, but in most cases, it happens in the evening. This is the most acceptable format for combining work and study since it involves a flexible training schedule. The duration is 18 to 36 months.

All the theory that is needed to study MBA programs is available on the Internet. But distance learning has a significant drawback, which is the lack of the possibility of live communication with the discussion. Without it, business training will not be as successful as expected. That is why it is necessary to combine it with full-time classes, where you can consider issues requiring a group discussion and get the necessary advice.

MBA Education: What It Gives and Who Needs It
All the theory that is needed to study MBA programs is available on the Internet. Pixabay

The General Structure of the Thesis and Recommendations

When choosing the topic of the thesis, it is necessary to take into account a very important aspect. You need to focus on solving a specific actual problem within the framework of a real company. There should be no formal or hypothetical tasks, only existing ones. The structure of your thesis is the following:

  • Introduction.
  • A review of the theory of the problem.
  • Justification of research methods.
  • Description of the work done and analysis of the results.
  • Results and recommendations.
  • Conclusion.

Formulation of the Problem

From the very beginning, it is necessary to correctly discuss the problem being solved. This can be done in the introduction, indicating the following information:

  • Description of the organization: name, financial indicators, goals, objectives, industry positions.
  • Brief description of management work;
  • The formulation of the purpose of the work being carried.
  • The discussion of the key questions of the graduate study, which necessary for the convenience of its conduct, as well as for structuring the goal. There should be around five of them.
  • Statement of the results expected after the completion of the study.

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The MBA thesis should reflect the author’s skills in the field of management and contain the most effective methods for resolving tasks. This means that students must understand the essence of the problem, understand it, and offer a practically feasible and effective solution to it.

Charles Backman is an academic writer who willing to help students with their academic writing troubles. Only a few years ago, Charles was sitting behind a desk, and he knows pretty well how it is to be a student. Having passed this way, Charles is ready to share their knowledge with those who are still struggling.

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