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Meghnad Saha death anniversary today


Today, that is, February 16 is the death anniversary of Indian Scientist Meghnad Saha, a pioneer in astrophysics. He was was born on Oct 6, 1893, near Dhaka (current Bangladesh).

Saha’s theory of thermal ionisation, which explained the origin of stellar spectra, was one of India’s most important contributions to world science during the 20th century. It was an epoch-making the discovery.

Saha, jointly with S N Bose prepared an English translation of Einstein’s papers on the theory of relativity which happens to be the first on record.

He produced the famous equation, which he called ‘equation of the reaction-isobar for ionization’, which later became known as Saha’s ‘Thermo-Ionization Equation’.

He first started the teaching and training in nuclear physics in the country.

The first cyclotron in the country was built with Saha’s initiatives.

Saha was a great institution builder. Among the institutions that he built were: National Academy of Sciences, India, at Allahabad, Indian Physical Society, Kolkata, National Institution of Sciences of India.

Shah breathed his last on February 16, 1956, in New Delhi.

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Concert marks Legendary Carnatic Music exponent Saint Tyagaraja’s 170th Death Anniversary

Born in Thiruvarur in the Thanjavur Maratha Kingdom, Kakarla Tyagabrahmam, (May 4, 1767-January 6, 1847), was one of the greatest and most prolific composers of Carnatic music

Sri Rama Thyagaraja Krithis - Marugelara, Youtube

Mumbai, Jan 19, 2017: Around 100 musicians playing veenas, gatams, mrudangams, violins and other instruments, besides singers, rendered the ‘Panchratna Kritis’ (Five Gems), composed by the legendary Carnatic music exponent Saint Tyagaraja to mark his 170th death anniversary here.

Born in Thiruvarur in the Thanjavur Maratha Kingdom, Kakarla Tyagabrahmam, (May 4, 1767-January 6, 1847), was one of the greatest and most prolific composers of Carnatic music, including the noteworthy Panchratna Kritis and was later revered as Saint Tyagaraja.

The music concert on late Tuesday saw over 2,000 Carnatic music lovers gathered in the Shanmukhananda Hall swaying and singing to the tunes of the great music giant in Ragas like Sri, Nattai, Gowlai, Arabji, Varali.

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The occasion, which coincided with the beginning of the 250th birth anniversary year celebrations of Saint Tyagaraja, saw the unveiling of a lifesize 650-kg copper and brass statue of the musical genius at the venue, said a spokesperson K. A. Viswanathan.

Incidentally, the day is marked with thanksgiving to Saint Tyagaraja, Carnatic musicians from all over the world unite to sing the Panchratna Kritis as a tribute.

The five gems in praise of Lord Rama – the first which he composed at the age of 13 – are: Jagadananda Karaka, Duduku Gala, Sadhinchane, Kanakana Ruchira and Endaro Mahanubhavulu, set in Adi Talam, with each Raga representing the mood of the songs and meaning of its lyrics.

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On ‘Bahula Panchami’, the day when he attained Samadhi, singers and musicians from over congregate at Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu on the banks of River Cauvery for the annual ‘Aradhana Festival’.

Considered an avatar of Saint Valmiki, Saint Tyagaraja’s compositions are rich in devotional and philosophical content with superior structure, superb handling of the Ragalakshanas and apt choice of Ragas and lyrics. (IANS)