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Lockdown Diaries: Metro May Not Ply yet DMRC Continues to Work

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has taken initiatives to help workers during the pandemic

The Delhi Metro may not be plying owing to the lockdown but the DMRC hasn’t stopped working. It has reached out to personnel who are extending their services to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

They have organised food distribution drives at areas such as Nigambodh Ghat, Bangla Sahib and Yamuna Bank and Garhi Mandu to provide support to those in need. More such drives will be organised in the days to come, said the Delhi Metro.

Scores of migrant workers camped at Yamuna Bank.

food distribution drives have been organized by DMRC at various areas. Wikimedia Commons

Delhi Metro, in association with one of its vendors Space Tele is also reaching out to the Covid Warriors mainly the Delhi Police personnel deployed at 70 barricades and manning PCRs. DMRC is serving such staff with masks, sanitizers and some food items like biscuits and juices etc.

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In areas such as Sonia Vihar and Jagatpuri, tea and refreshments are being provided to the security personnel who are deputed at the barricade points on the streets.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has also decided to contribute one day’s basic pay of its employees to the PM-CARES fund to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. It has around 14,500 employees at present.(IANS)



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