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MGM Springfield Is Now Open For Business

The MGM Springfield will no doubt provide a great economic boost for Massachusetts

MGM Springfield
MGM Springfield Is Now Open For Business.

You might think that online gambling has taken over from bricks and mortar casinos but actually this is far from the case. The casino industry continues to thrive – in America last year, casinos generated a record $40.28 billion. This week there has been another welcome addition to the industry, the MGM Springfield in Massachusetts. This enormous casino resort which cost a reported $960 million opened its doors on Friday 24th August to enthusiastic gamblers, with their stakes ready.

An Experience For The Senses

MGM have taken a detailed look at the psychology of playing casino games when designing The Springfield. There is limited natural light and windows, and no clocks, so that you can’t tell what the time is – you are more likely to linger longer and lose track. The first visitors spent six hours exploring the 125,000 square foot casino, that comes complete with 2,500 slot machines. There are also 120 gaming tables, featuring all the popular casino attractions  poker to blackjack.

It’a more than just a casino however. The Springfield boasts restaurants shopping and entertainment. It is a one stop shop for the community, and is expected to draw in 15,000 visitors every day. The inauguration ceremony was certainly something to behold, there was an enormous parade around the city, featuring a local celebrities, a marching band, and a procession of Budweiser Clydesdale horses. It was a true spectacle, but then there are many reasons why Springfield has reason to celebrate with the opening of this casino.

MGM Springfield
MGM Springfield at Massachusetts.

The benefits to the community 

The MGM Springfield is set to provide a massive boost to the local economy. It took three and a half years to build, providing work to a vast number of local businesses, from engineers to electricians. Now that the casino resort is finally open, it is employing over 3,000 members of staff, it has been estimated that 35% of Springfield residents will be employed at the MGM. Massachusetts City received $15 million from the company as part of the agreement to build. They are also reported to benefit from the resort to the tune of $25 million a year. This is an immense income that could benefit the city and those living there in other ways.

Future developments

MGM spokesman Severus Mancini has confirmed that even after opening weekend, the Springfield casino will continue to draw in large crowds. To add to the excitement, there will be a brand new seven screen Regal Cinema opening at the resort next month, drawing in families to catch a movie and then grab some dinner. There are also plans for some incredible live music acts to play, bringing more crowds and income to the area. Stevie Wonder is playing on 1st September. Here’s hoping that he plays Celebration for Springfield.

Bricks and mortar casinos are alive and well – and whatsmore, they are attracting bigger crowds than ever. The MGM Springfield will no doubt provide a great economic boost for Massachusetts.

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These Are The 5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Own CBD Business

Selling CBD online can give you access to more customers, especially if you don’t think CBD will be particular popular in our neck of the woods.

Your timing couldn’t be better when it comes to starting a CBD business. But there are a few unique caveats you need to be aware of. Pixabay



If you’re thinking about starting your own CBD business, then you’re in the right place. The CBD market is booming. Business Insider predicts that this industry will be worth over $2 billion in the next 3 years, and that means there is plenty of green to go around.


Your timing couldn’t be better when it comes to starting a CBD business. But there are a few unique caveats you need to be aware of. From obtaining a license, to buying CBD wholesale, to finally launching your website, there are many steps you must follow in order to start your new CBD business.


Here are the 5 things you need to know before you get out there and start your own CBD business:



  • Familiarize yourself with CBD laws.


Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, it is now legal to grow and sell industrial hemp and industrial hemp-derived products. This includes CBD as long as that CBD is legally sourced from industrial hemp. Legally sourced means you can guarantee that your CBD contains 0.3% or less of THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp, the one that makes you feel high, and it’s completely illegal in the United States. Marijuana contains higher levels of THC, which is why it’s illegal and CBD is not.

Familiarize yourself with CBD laws. Pixabay

CBD is perfectly legal as long as it contains .03% or less of THC. The best way to guarantee that your CBD products are legal is to buy CBD wholesale from reputable suppliers.



  • Only buy CBD wholesale from a trustworthy supplier.


Whether you want to sell existing CBD products or create your own, you need to find a trustworthy CBD wholesale supplier. You want to guarantee that these suppliers provide you with CBD oils that are legally sourced, pesticide and toxin free, and that the company otherwise operates at or surpasses standard operating procedures.The best suppliers will include third-party test results with all of their CBD products. These results should confirm the levels of CBD and THC as well as the purity of their product.


For your consideration, each of the products in our Diamond Wholesale package are legally sourced from industrial hemp farms in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia. We extract our oils with a state of the art supercritical CO2 extraction system that protects the potency of the plant without the use of harmful toxins, and we include lab results with all of our products so you can see exactly what goes into each of them.



  • Obtain a license and/or register your new CBD business.


Once you find a CBD supplier that you trust, it’s time to register your business and obtain any necessary licenses you might need to legally sell CBD supplements in your state. Many wholesalers, including Diamond CBD, will require you to have a resale license in order to re-sell their products. The IRS will also require you to register a EIN or TIN in order to legally operate in the US. As a legally registered CBD business, you will be able to apply for loans, hire employees, and pay taxes like any other business. You’ll also be able to open a bank account for your business and hire an accountant if needed.


  • Build a website for your new CBD business.


Selling CBD online can give you access to more customers, especially if you don’t think CBD will be particular popular in our neck of the woods. You can use websites like Shopify or WordPress to build your online retail store and use social media to build your online presence. Even if you go with a traditional storefront, you can still use a website to maintain relationships with your customers and help educate others about the benefits of CBD.



  • Never make medical claims about CBD products.


The final and most important thing you must know before starting your own CBD business is to never make any medical claims about CBD. CBD has not been proven to cure cancer or any other diseases, and the FDA doesn’t support any of those claims either. Be sure to include the FDA’s disclaimer on your website or with your products and remind your customers that CBD is a health supplement, not a miracle cure.

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When it comes to starting your own CBD business, we know there are a lot of brands to consider when buying CBD wholesale. At Diamond CBD, we take pride in our product and guarantee a high-quality experience with every use. If you’re interested in buying CBD wholesale, we’d be happy to connect with you!