Microsoft Opens Free Registration for ‘Build 2020’ Sessions

Now you no longer have to pay the $2,395 entry fee to join Microsoft's developer event 'Build 2020'

Microsoft building
Microsoft has opened registration for the virtual edition of its ‘Build 2020'. Pixabay

Microsoft has opened registration for the virtual edition of its ‘Build 2020 developer conference scheduled from May 19-21. Anyone can attend the online-only event for free and developers will no longer have to pay the $2,395 entry fee.

This time, the tech giant is keeping some of its traditional keynote-style openings, with opening remarks from CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will have opening remarks during the sessions. Wikimedia Commons

‘Build 2020’ will now be a 48-hour virtual event and sessions, talks and demos will all be held across multiple time zones. There will still be Q&A sessions and interactive parts of the broadcasts, reports The Verge.

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“While things will look a little different this year as we all absorb and adjust to new realities brought on COVID-19, we’re excited about Microsoft Build 2020, a 48-hour virtual event starting May 19 at 8 a.m. PT that will kick off with welcome remarks from Satya Nadella,” said Scott Hanselman, Principal Programme Manager, Microsoft.

“This will be followed by a session with and for Developers hosted by me,” Hanselman added.

Microsoft had originally planned to hold the event in Seattle but canceled in-person gatherings in March due to coronavirus pandemic. (IANS)