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Know Why Millennial Parents Are Better Than the Previous Generation

Millennial parents Smarter than their predecessors


Guess which is the most competent generation of parents when it comes to awareness? A survey by US tech company Winnie suggests it is the millennial parents who make up for 90 per cent of all new parents, are evolved, smarter and given the information and internet era far more exposed compared to their own parents.

Ambitious, well-educated and well-informed, millennial parents focus on the overall development and well-being of their children in a more conscious and aware style of holistic upbringing.

With more resources at hand, these parents are aware of what works and what does not. This holds to be most true when it comes to health concerns. Millennial parents are on top of what is good for their children’s health. Priyanka Kheruka, Brand Head, Borosil Glass Works Ltd, lists the top three health interventions most millennial parents are following today –

Millennial parents
Millennial parents are on top of what is good for their children’s health. Pixabay

Eco-friendly kitchens: For the millennial, the reverse trend of realising the health value of home cooked meals is an important aspect of their daily life. This, however, is juxtaposed against a lack of time with many more layers added to our modern lives including demanding careers and lifestyle.

Hence, the need for convenience and health driven kitchen solutions. What you cook and store your food in is an important as what you eat.

Millennial parents are moving away from plastics for storage replacing containers with the glass and steel. They are also cooking food in glass, steel and copper utensils. Millennial parents are aware of the harmful effects of plastic, which leaches chemicals into food when heated.

For kids and parents who are always on the move, even water bottles and lunch boxes are moving from traditional plastic to glass and steel with unique designs and health benefits, keeping food and water hot or cold and leaching absolutely no chemicals to preserve nutrition.

Mindfulness about food and healthy eating: Millennial parents will surprise you with their knowledge on what all goes into what they are feeding their children. Food habits of their children are constantly evolving with exposure to different cuisines and travel experiences enrich their overall choices. Healthy eating, preparing hot food vs frozen and including a mix of ingredients that one point seemed a foreign concept are now all part of the millennial diet.

Millennial parents
Millennial parents will surprise you with their knowledge on what all goes into what they are feeding their children. Pixabay

Health has gained a whole new dimension and is approached holistically keeping in mind the purest form food can be given to our children – organic, natural and fresh. Farm to table is a concept that is getting more popular among urban millennials who are often seen sourcing milk and organic vegetables directly from farm vendors. Retaining the freshness of these foods is also essential.

Active and hydrated: there is no replacement to the health of children than active play. Digital distractions have made this natural activity now a required deliberate intervention. Millennial parents are consciously, including sports and activity in their children’s lives.

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However, climate change and pollution has led to harsher weather conditions and hydration is also essential. Keeping our kids hydrated with water and healthy drinks like juice and lemon water are essential as we shrug sugar filled aerated options. Here again, using high quality food grade stainless steel bottles is the best solution. (IANS)



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