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Misconceptions Around Nicotine Replacement Therapy

WHO recommends smokers to take immediate steps to quit smoking by using proven methods, one of them being the Nicotine Replacement Therapy


A review of studies by public health experts convened by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has found that smokers are more likely to develop severe disease with COVID-19, compared to non-smokers. Smoking also damages the lungs, making the person more vulnerable to COVID-19.

While smoking, the fingers and possibly contaminated cigarettes come in contact with lips that increase the possibility of transmission of virus from hand to mouth, hence for a safer and better health during the growing pandemic spread, it is advisable to quit smoking at the earliest.

WHO recommends smokers to take immediate steps to quit smoking by using proven methods, one of them being the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). Modern times have witnessed the arrival of an array of products, powered by NRT that help in easing withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings for smoke. This treatment is very helpful, and can support one’s willpower in their journey to quit smoking.

While these NRT products are available in the market, many individuals still tend to avoid them due to pre-conceived notions. This World No-Tobacco Day, Nicotex, a brand in the NRT category, believes that quitting smoking has never been more important than now due to COVID-19 and busts certain myths surrounding NRT.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy helps in easing withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings for a smoke. Pixabay

Myth 1: NRT cannot help me quit smoking

Fact: There is no doubt that willpower and determination play a key role in helping one to quit smoking. However, research has stated that a combination of NRT and intensive behavioural support has shown to be 10 times more successful in aiding the quitting process, as compared to willpower alone.

Myth 2: I don’t believe that NRT is effective

Fact: Studies have shown that NRT can double the chances of curbing the habit of smoking. This therapy has worked successfully for a large number of people and helps in emerging victorious from the battle against all the physical symptoms caused by nicotine withdrawal. In fact, global bodies like the World Health organisation (WHO), have also recognized NRT as an effective means of smoking cessation.

Myth 3: Usage of NRT has several side effects

Fact: It is an effective therapy for smoking cessation recommended by leading global bodies such as the World Health Organisation and the US FDA. It has been present in the market for decades together and has been subjected to numerous scientific studies, experiments and researches.

Myth 4: Offerings in the market around NRT taste bad

Fact: To enjoy an improved product experience, individuals need to follow the correct methodology while consuming. It involves a process of chewing followed by placing it between cheek and gums for a while. Once the taste fades, the chewing process needs to be repeated. This greatly helps improve the product experience. Moreover, it is available in an exciting range of flavours.

non smoking
Nicotine Replacement Therapy helps to keep a person mentally strong and aids quitting. Pixabay

Myth 5: Using NRT to quit smoking is a costly affair

Fact: There is a common misconception that opting for NRT in order to quit the habit of smoking turns out to be very expensive for the common man. In reality, though, it has been found that an individual spends much less on NRT than smoking, since cigarettes are bought over many years, while NRT is used for a limited period (12 weeks). In fact, a typical NRT product costs less than 60 percent of that of a normal cigarette.

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Although the journey to give up smoking is tough, using products that work on Nicotine Replacement Therapy helps to keep a person mentally strong and aids quitting. There is a gradually growing market for NRT products, and researchers have found that a number of Indian consumers are embracing the idea already to benefit their overall health. (IANS)



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