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5 Mobile Apps to Help you with the Arrangements for the Upcoming Festive Season!

Is the upcoming festive season giving your jitters? Are you worried about organizing the best party? We have you covered!

mobile apps
Are you ready for the upcoming festive season? Pixabay

New Delhi, October 4, 2017: In the digital era, one can pick and choose from a variety of mobile apps to connect and bond over with friends and family, and enjoy the festive season.

Mobile apps are a great way to not only engage users, but their easy-to-use interface makes it easier for individuals to organize and manage all work. This demand further rises multifold during festivals when a lot has to be done in very little time.

mobile apps
Mobile apps allow you to avail every possible service at your doorstep using your smartphone. Pixabay

Is the upcoming festive season giving your jitters? Are you worried about organizing the best party? We have you covered!

The following five mobile apps perfectly fit the bill for mobile apps for festivals and help you organize the most memorable festivities!

 1. View and Revise Mythology

Various especially designed mobile apps for festivals are offering advanced viewing of animated mythological epics that will not only keep you engaged but also help you revise and brush up your information and knowledge.

Apps like HOTSTAR are offering Ramayana movie for its viewers. Kids can watch animated stories around Ramayana and Panchatantra, among other texts and learn moral lessons on virtues that will help them throughout life.

mobile apps
Watch all your favorite TV series on mythology on Hotstar. Youtube

 2. Learn More About Diwali and Upcoming Festivals

A vast number of people celebrate all major festivals; however they do not know the deeper meanings and significance behind these festivities. Are you wishing to learn more about the upcoming festivals, too?

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There are some mobile apps for festivals like YuppTV that offer elaborate catalogs on festivals like Diwali, centered around information on the significance and practices of the festivals and also interesting stories and legends. Individuals can avail these apps to learn more about these festivals on the go!

 3. Do Not Compromise on Security

Single girl in the city, or not visiting your family for the upcoming festival season?  That shouldn’t stop you from going out and celebrating with fervor.

mobile apps
Do not compromise on security this festive season! Pixabay

However, festivals might mean travelling across the city and staying out till late. Your security must not be compromised.

For these security reasons, download apps like SOS, which send an alert to family members in case of an emergency.

 4. Get All Odd Jobs Done

Looking for an electrician to put up Diwali lights? Or do you need a beautician to deck you up for your glamorous best? Or did the air conditioner stop functioning at the last moment right before your guests arrive?

mobile apps
Do not have time to visit the parlor in the festive rush? Bring the parlor home by ordering these service online. Pixabay

For all your last moment and also all pre-planned tasks, you can avail services of apps like UrbanClap, LocalOye, HelpForSure etc for all your nitty-gritty and major developments.


 5. Order Food For Everybody

Did more people turn up for your Diwali cards party than expected? Or did uninvited guests drop by? Or are you too tired to cook after all the festive cleaning?

While welcoming people home is not troublesome, problem lies in cooking for a large number of people, especially during times of festivals.

To take care of those moments, you can make use of food delivery apps like Food Panda, or Zomato Online. These apps come with a wide variety of menus, and delivery and packaging choices. Get it delivered during the early hours of the day, or during late night hours.

mobile apps
Online food deliveries are a savior! Pixabay

Today, it will not be wrong to say that there exists a mobile app for almost everything. However, our list will sort all your confusions regarding mobile apps for festivals and their preparations. Have a great festive season ahead!

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