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Modi calls for focusing on social hygiene


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New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, mentioning that India has always focused on personal hygiene, said on Friday that it should now focus on social hygiene as well.

“Cleanliness is basically a habit and once you imbibe this habit then you will never tolerate dirt,” Modi said after giving away the ‘Safaigiri’ awards 2015.

“In our country, personal hygiene has been a focus, but social hygiene is an issue. People are very cautious about personal hygiene. But we have been not giving much importance to social hygiene,” he said adding, “we now have to give importance to social hygiene.”

The awards have been instituted by the India Today Group to identify individuals or institutions in 13 categories to award them for their inspiring work.

Modi said since independence Indians have always thought the government has to do everything “but this has to change now.”

“Swachch Bharat programme will never be successful it is taken as the government or Modi’s programme. This has to be our programme,” he said.

“I have taken this risk (of launching the programme) and I think there can be no bigger inspiration than Mahatma Gandhi for this. Since the country gained independence the parliament has never discussed cleanliness. But since the last year, there has been no session where it has not been discussed,” he added.

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PM Narendra Modi: Government bringing Stringent Consumer Protection Law

Prime Minister Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a speech. IANS

New Delhi, October 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the government was in the process of enacting stringent legislation aimed at protecting consumers along with setting up a Consumer Protection Authority (CPA).

“Consumers’ protection is this government’s priority. We are in the process to bring a new law on consumer protection keeping in mind the need of the country and business practices here,” Modi said at an International Conference on Consumer Protection for East, South and South-East Asian Countries.

“We are in the process of forming a Consumer Protection Authority, which will have executive powers, for immediate redressal.”

The rules were being streamlined to solve consumer problems in less time and at less cost, he added.

“The stress is being given on consumer empowerment. Strict provisions are being contemplated against misleading advertisements,” Modi said.

He said India was among the few countries which had enacted a law a year after the UN adopted guidelines on consumer protection in 1986.

The Prime Minister also said the prices of commodities were set to go down and consumer protection for their interest effects due to the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Due to the GST, the competition among companies was going to increase. So prices will go down. It will help consumers from lower middle class and poor sections,” Modi said.

“Earlier, transportation by trucks would take five days but it has come down to just three three days now as checkposts on borders have vanished after the GST. It means transportation cost has gone down. This is going to be transferred to consumers,”

Taking a dig at those opposed to the GST, he said: “Some people may be taking advantage of the lack of awareness. However, the benefits will be transferred (to consumers) in days to come.”

Talking about the conference, Modi said: “It shows how seriously we take the needs of our citizens and how we strive hard to solve their problems”.

“It is the first conference in the region, where everyone is trying in their own ways to save the interest of consumers. However, we have to keep in mind that the world is going towards a single market,” Modi said.(IANS)

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