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Modi Urges Karnataka BJP Women to Popularise His Schemes

Listing various women-oriented schemes promoted by the Centre, Modi asked them to connect with other women across each of the state's 224 constituencies.

Narendra Modi.

Interacting with Karnataka’s BJP women cadres through his mobile app, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asked them to popularise his government’s schemes ahead of the May 12 Assembly polls.

“We need to expose the hollow promises made by the Congress and urge the people of Karnataka to join the journey of development,” Modi told the Bharatiya Janata Party women workers through the Narendra Modi mobile app.

Listing various women-oriented schemes promoted by the Centre, Modi asked them to connect with other women across each of the state’s 224 constituencies.

“We will win the election, but for us (BJP) it is important to win the polling booth,” he said.

Interacting with Karnataka's BJP women cadres through his mobile app, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asked them to popularise his government's schemes ahead of the May 12 Assembly polls.
Karnataka BJP Women to flag Modi’s schemes. Wikimedia Commons

The BJP-led Union government is keen on giving equal opportunities to women in the society and wants to support them at every stage, whether they want to be a homemaker, job seeker or job creator, added the PM in the 40-minute audio-video interaction.

An estimated nine crore women across the country have benefitted from the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) scheme, which provides loans for small and micro enterprises, he said.

Nearly Rs 12 crore worth loans have been given out under the PMMY scheme, of which more than 70 per cent beneficiaries were women, the Prime Minister said.

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Programmes like Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, which provides LPG gas to women from below poverty line (BPL) households, have also benefitted several women, he added.

Modi highlighted that the central government had increased the paid maternity leave from the earlier 12 weeks to 26 weeks for women in the organised sector.

“When the contribution of women in the country increases, the development of the country is ensured,” said Modi. (IANS)


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Greed For Power May Demolish The Democracy

Politicians compete with each other for power and this greed for power can demolish democracy

Greed for power in politics may demolish democracy in India. Pixabay


It is too disgusting that Shiv Sena is aiming for something which was nothing but an act of betrayal. Here the principles and ethos of the party are just sacrificed. The “chair” of Chief Minister is what the individual parties in Maharashtra are wanting so badly. And for this only Shiv Sena has severed its ties with its all-time ally BJP which emerged with the largest number of MLAs. Is it not the BJP with which Sena made the alliance before the election? Why so much bitter feelings after the poll result? Many past elections were fought on this mutual understanding. Sena had always taken pride and bragged about its power and clout as because the BJP was behind it. But now very contrary equation and chemistry are on display. NCP, Congress and Shiv Sena are sharing the ideas as opposed to the expectation of the whole electorate.

Politics in India might lead to a sinking democracy.

One believes it’s Congress and its High common which Shiv Sena Supremo Late Bal Thackeray always disliked and ruthlessly held them up to ridicule. It was because they hold the opposing ideologies. But now his son Uddhav Thackeray kneeled down and sought the helping hand of those rival camps to walk the party through for the chair of Chief Minister. Going by the flood of comments on the social media, this party has ostensibly fallen from the grace. BJP is not a holy cow either. It is equally good at flexes its muscles for the power.

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While Maharashtra is already under the president rule, the NCP and Congress now exploring all possible means to back Shiv Sena.   Uddhav Thackeray only wants to see his son Aditya Thackeray being the Chief Minister of one of the riches states in the country. The trend is not at all healthy. Here everything is utterly clear that the cherished values of democracy in India are fast eroding. Majority of the states in the country, only the “particularly families” are  always standing up to rule the roost. This is a bigger threat to the fundamental values of the country.The NATION is no more controlled by the government of the people, nor is it for the people. It is the government of the particular families which is formed for the fulfillment of the low greed and narrow aspiration of those particular families. Lastly, it is the common people who are always at the receiving end of the leaders’ whims and tantrums. Phew, the country is not at all in the safe hands.

Salil Gewali is a well-known writer and author of ‘Great minds on India’. Twitter: @SGewali