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Monday blues: Is it really ‘KHOONI’?

By Sreyashi Mazumdar

Curling on the mattress with twitched eyebrows staring at the ticking clock, roaring like a lion, waiting to shriek out of anger at 10 am, I came out of my mattress. The withered pages of the calendar glaring with the six letter word Monday, propelling a conflict in my mind. Getting off one’s bed after a lazing Sunday is nothing less than a battle. Swaying in between the conflict of shall I or shall I not encapsulating one’s mind. Thinking upon a similar line of thought NewsGram conducted a Vox Pop on Monday Blues (the depravity one gets subjected to on Monday).

“It’s a disgusting feeling to get up at 8 in the morning and follow the same mundane routine. I wish every weekday would have been a Sunday,” ruminated 22 –years-old Tulika, a student at M.S. Ramaiah College, Bangalore.

“I often wonder why I can’t get a leave on Monday. Monday morning often reminds me of the famous song of the movie Go Goa Gone “Monday…khoon chus le…” The fatigue which you get to feel after a gruesome work schedule doesn’t get solved easily. A Sunday cannot instil the same amount of energy inside you as one gets to have at least after a two day off,” said Shantashree Sarkar, a journalist.

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Pondering upon the pervading blue on a Monday, a 23-years-old Satyaki Chatterjee, and a student at Jadavpur University said, “Monday or Sunday it doesn’t really matter. The thing that really matters to me is my bed and my camera and beyond that I do not really care.”

“Right from my school days I have been a late riser and I have always had a laid back attitude. Now, I am a journalist and I know how hard it is to get off the plush couch and take to the same old routine. At times it becomes really very difficult for me. The best way to get rid of the Monday blues is get baked and head to your office,” lamented Naomi Nair, a journalist at a leading daily.

“Though I don’t like waking up on Mondays, I don’t really game for the idea of a Monday off. I mean fine there is this entire thing of being tired and drained out but it’s more to do about the mental fatigue and not the physical one. So, one doesn’t require a Monday or a Sunday to get off the monotony,” sounded out Dipanjan Choudhury a student of St.Xavier’s Kolkata.

Crooning away to Bruno Mars’ lazy song, waving my foot in the air I wish I could let the reveries of Mondays run into a dead end.  Like the popular egg mantra – Monday ho ya Sunday roz khao ande. Similarly, Sunday ho ya Monday there should be a holiday.



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