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Monitor Productivity Of Your Employees Working From Home: Here’s How

Various ways in which you can monitor your employees as they work from home


In the wake of the global emergency that is prevailing, work from home was adopted by organizations as the work arrangement. This sudden shift in the workspace redefined the corporate landscape and gave rise to several challenges. 

These challenges, however, might have been overwhelming but surely not impossible to tackle. One of the major difficulties that were faced by most of the organizations was to track the performance, timings, and workload of employees. 

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Many times, employees keep adding to their workload and avoid saying no to their managers or employers. This makes them feel overwhelmed and further hampers their productivity. Thus, it is essential for you to keep a track of the workload that every employee has and the amount of time they spend on carrying out a particular task. 

In this article, you can read about the various ways in which you can monitor your employees as they work from home. You can track their log-in time, the workload, and even work on improving employee morale. 

Ways to monitor employees working from home 

  • Employ time tracking 

Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are now digital or cloud-based tools that you can use to track the hours of your employees. An employee time tracking software allows you to use the feature via which you can easily monitor the clock-in and clock-out timings of your employees. Moreover, when employees know that they are being monitored, they tend to start  It is true that getting your employees on board with this tool can be a tad bit challenging. 

working from home
Use time tracking software to record the timings of your employees. Flickr

However, when employees understand that this tool holds great value for them as well, they can easily start adapting. While it helps in working on their productivity, this tool also allows them to figure out the time that each project is taking up. This helps them to prioritize and allocate their time better. 

  • Organize projects using apps

Just like for tracking one’s time, there are also new apps that help you manage your projects in a much organized and better way. With the help of effective project management tools, which are plenty in the market, you can very easily create task lists, manage your workload better, and increase your chances of meeting the client-given deadlines. 

With the help of this tool, you can easily track the work progress of each of your employees. This helps you to allocate your resources and also learn about the workload that each of your employees currently has. It leads to an effective delegation of work. Moreover, it also eliminates the need for you to contact your employees via calls or mails to take an update. 

  • Create a list of tasks 

While task lists can be worked on with the help of project management software, but these tasks lists focus on the work of individual employees rather than the entire team project. The individual task lists have a lot more to offer than the project management tools. For instance, with the help of these task lists of individual employees, you can easily figure out if you have delegated the workload of a particular project unevenly or unfairly. 

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When your employees understand that you are keeping their best interests in mind, they tend to take their responsibility more seriously. This helps them stay focused and productive. When your workforce is meeting the deadlines, it gets easier for you to achieve your goals and objectives easily. 


Work from home might have brought a lot of comfort with itself for employees, however, a lot more challenges also accompanied. These challenges might be a little difficult to tackle but surely not impossible. While monitoring the performance and timings of employees was a major hurdle, thanks to the digital tools and software in the market, this difficulty is now a lot easier to tackle. 

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