Most Justifiable Fears that none of us likes to Admit, Which one is Yours?

What draws us closer to anxieties in the gut is nothing but a state of mind

All illustration showing Fears that a person encounters. Pixabay

June 08, 2017: Fear is inevitable –it cannot be escaped but one can choose to overcome it by thinking positive thoughts. What draws us closer to anxieties in the gut is nothing but a state of mind. Some fear fire, while some fear dark and some fears are unspoken.

Here I bring forth some fears that everyone inclusive of me feels but wouldn’t admit. I am admitting my fears, Which one is yours?

  1. Fear from Love

While some fear to love to avoid heartbreaks, others fear from love to avoid the payoff. Lack of trust withholds a relationship to flourish and stimulates fear.


2. Fear of Fame

Fame does not get ingested to everybody in the first encounter. Some feel paranoid and claustrophobic when success hits, which is why you see famous celebrities hitting depression.


3. Fear of Happiness

Happiness is attractive yet short lived. Some of us do not tend to enjoy the happy moments because we care for future more than the present. Wicked –Isn’t it?

4. Fear of Inner Evil

The fear of inner evil reflects the darker side of a person. It represents the wildness, chaos and the unknown. We fear what is not known, for the most certain things are always known.

5. Fear of Loss

Everything you lose can come back to you, but “life”, once lost can never be met again. It is indeed an irreplaceable loss.


– by Naina Mishra of Newsgram. Twitter: @Nainamishr94



  1. Idk it is really brave of you to put your fears over there on a public platform. My fears are more specific.
    I just want my life to continue how it is and DO NOT WANT ANY MAJOR CHANGE!
    I want the freedom to go out with who I want and still come back home, not stay somewhere else.
    I just need to stay with my school friends and people who are with me now forever because they r seriously good vibes and one call away.


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