Mother language only way forward for Indian education

  • By Dr Kallol Guha

Last week, Kanti Bajpai in a Times of India blog wrote a piece titled Smriti Irani fiddles with language policy while education burns.

Here is my counter-argument to that.

Mr Bajpai thoughtfully observes in the caption – “Education burns” in India. Just a few months before Sri Narayan Moorty of  Infosys made a thought provoking comment that during the past 68 years India has made no new contribution in any field what so ever. Author states in conclusion “English is the greatest world language, whether we like it or not, and something must be done to check alarmingly declining standards. And the state languages must be taught well for cultural and educational reasons”. The author does not seem to be concerned that 95% Indians- who have little to do with world- are deprived of schooling in their mother tongue and are force- fed with English Schooling under the pretext of “World Language”. He also does not realize that state languages are degenerating because by design they are delinked from the means of livelihood as English is linked to that.

If culture is characterized by the knowledge and respect for one’s language, literature, history, tradition, and heritage then it can be confidently stated that original culture of the 2-5% Anglophonic Indians -the ruling class- is most definitely withered and replaced by pathetic imitation of Anglo-American culture. The author is not the least bit worried about that. This Anglophonic Breed resembles Caribbean Indians of Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. Essentially modern India is being rapidly Guyanized and for all practical purposes, India is ruled by a breed of uncultured Indian whose 65-year long administration has degraded the land into an Appendage of the West.

The author recommends that something must be done to check alarmingly declining standards. Obviously, he means the standard of English. Let it be understood that indeed education in India is burning not since 1947 but since India ceased to have approximately 15,000 (fifteen thousand) universities of higher learning – scattered throughout the country where people of highly civilized nations used to come for Higher Education. Indeed, education in India is burning since India ceased to contribute between 25-35 % of world GDP. These “Burnings” coincides well with the introduction of Macaulay type education system designed to breed Anglophonic Indians delinked from their source of origin and loyality to their white skin masters. A brilliant design, stroke of a genius, and a master strategy which is brutally effective to this day that has  eliminated competition and established mastery of Anglo-American Axis over Indians  who until recently was far superior in all aspects of civilization.

The author is not the least bit concerned that there are numerous genius among the remaining non-Anglophonic Indians who are potential Dandemi, Rana Pratap, Charak, Swasruta, Kanad, Patanjali, Varadwaj, Venkat Raman, Satyen Bose, Tulsidas, Subhas Bose whose talents will never find expression since they speak only mother tongue. The author and his class – by virtue of their Macaulay Type education – might not even be familiar with these Indian personalities. So-called similar education of his thereby has blunt his realization that genius of these kinds can only bloom through nourishment of mother tongue and nipped by force feeding through alien schooling.

It is, therefore, not an accident what Narayan Murthy observed that India has made no new contribution in any field during the last 68 years. This does imply that the Education in India is indeed burning because 95% Indians are deprived of schooling in their mother tongue and forced fed with English to Guyanize India. We are dealing essentially with a system that transforms a tiger of the nature into a tiger of the ring.

Dr. Guha is CEO and President of St James School of Medicine headquartered at Park Ridge, Illinois, USA.