Munawwar Rana returns Sahitya Akademi Award on live TV

Image: ABP News

New Delhi: Noted Urdu poet Munawwar Rana joined the league of writers returning their Akademi awards in protest of the ‘present situation’ in the country.

Returning the award, Munawwar Rana said that he was not happy with the current atmosphere in the country, and so, he would not accept any government recognition in future.

Although, during the show, many poets and authors suggested him not to return the award on live TV and wait but the poet refused to do so.

Rana raised the issue of authors being branded as supporters of some party or the other. “Literateurs and authors are being attached to some party or the other. Some are being called as Congress men, and some BJP supporters,” he was quoted as saying on TV.

The poet, seemingly unhappy over past references of Muslims being called Pakistani, remarked that he was a Muslim and he could be said to be Pakistani some day.

“I am a Muslim and I might be called a Pakistani.”

Talking further on the issue of Islam and terror, he took a jibe on the mindset of people, “Though, this nation is still not connected with electricity wires but Muslims are somehow connected to Dawood Ibrahim.”

The poet continued, “What are the meanings of terror in this country? This hasn’t been decided yet, however, if a Muslim fired a cracker, he is branded as a terrorist. This way justice can’t be done.”

BJP leader Sambit Patra, before and after the award was returned, noted that it was all a manufactured consent.