Muslim Population May Take Over Europeon Dominance In the Coming Decades

Looks like "Islam" the second religion majority around the world is going to take over Europe as well by 2050.

Muslim Population
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France, September 25, 2017: Does the existence of white people in Europe face extinction? As per the article of French financier Charles Gave, with the native 1.4 rate of fertility, the fertility of Muslim migrants is 3.4 that lead to 4 children per woman, which takes the population of the community to 10 percent. The record of the growth rate shows that within 30 to 40 years, the population of Muslims may cover the majority of the region.

Naming the article incensed and noxious, the newspaper liberation stated that the Muslim population is not even 10 percent of the French and the concept of Muslim fertility growth rate is ‘nonsensical’. However, the exact ratio of Muslims in France is not known to anyone. The French state also denies any survey based on religion or race but the 10 percent of the ratio is considered as the estimated ration.

Gave made few assumptions in his reports stating that Islam is that religion, ideology and set of norms which have been made to govern every phase of human activity. Being a principle, one can easily join it and get converted to Islam. However, one is also allowed to leave Islam, but this can also lead to punishment ‘apostasy’, death.

It is believed that around 2-3 generations ago, millions of Europeans went to churches to show their love towards Jesus Christ but nothing remains same now. What we now get to listen is about ‘dechristianization” that has surrounded entire Europe.

American biologist Paul Ehrlich mentioned in his book, ‘The Population Bomb’ that the best way of reducing population is by legalizing abortion. The rate of abortion has increased greatly in France, with around 200,000 abortions and around 750,000 births in a year. The country is therefore, aborting 20 percent of its babies.

The French parliament has recently given a nod to abortion making it an absolute right. However, they state a condition that if the mother is in distress than abortion would not be performed. This “condition” has never been verified or controlled and abortion has become an every day right now.

In the other side of the frame, everything seems very different. The French parliament has recently approved a new law that outlaws “digital obstruction to abortion”. It is a criminal offense to spread “false information” regarding abortion.

What is false according to you? Is it false to state that the situation around the victim is devastating? Is it false to spread awareness on abortion? Or is it false to put human life in priority?

If this is what the laws mean, then beware Americans, the right to have an abortion has just become a creed for France.

The abortions happening here are from the native westerners who lived in France for generations, and a way less for the migrants coming up here.

But this is not the root of concern, the concern lies that there are sub-groups in European population who are readily wiping out of existence. Of course, even if abortions were been made strict to rules, the demographic could have declined due to war, diseases and more. So, now one can think of this, a population where abortion is legal but still the fertility rate is high to 3.

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Where is the law now? And why even after legalizing the law there’s no output coming from it?

The point here is not inclining to abortion entirely, or whether the law should be reversed. The point shows that the ‘white death’ in France is a harsh reality way before the legalization of birth control. But the question remains from where the population is getting integrated here?

The Muslim population is taking over the place, and within a few decades, Europe will be a Muslim majority continent.

Prepared by Abhishek Biswas of NewsGram Twitter: @Writing_desire