Why are an Increasing Number of Muslims Joining ‘Shun Religion’ Campaigns? ‘Islam is Undergoing a Revolution Internally’, Observes Sanjeev Sabhlok

Sanjeev Sabhlok on his page 'Eng Religion Bring Peace' propagates the absence of any religion in order to establish global peace

Sanjeev Sabhlok
The Facebook page, by Sanjeev Sabhlok, expresses alarm at the endless harm and violence caused by religion (Facebook)

New Delhi, September 9, 2017 : According to a report published by The Daily Telegraph in August, it was revealed that almost 30 per cent of the students in Australia are now associating themselves with ‘no religion’. Over 230,000 students in a survey conducted by the New South Wales Department of Education chose to associate themselves with ‘no religion’ thus, constituting 30 per cent of the entire student population of the country. Similar trends can be be observed globally. In such a scenario, we came across a page on Facebook named End Religion Bring Peace, which is operated by Sanjeev Sabhlok.

A former IAS, Sabhlok has also worked as a Professor at Lal Bahadur National Academy of Administration and as the Commissioner and Secretary to the Government in the State Government of Meghalaya. Presently, he is a senior leader of the Swarna Bharat Party

With an active presence on the social media platform, the page, which is increasingly gaining followers, propagates the absence of any religion in order to establish global peace.

But what does one mean by ‘absence of religion’?

Irreligion can mean the absence, rejection, indifference or hostility towards religion.

While it may include some forms of theism depending upon the context it is being defined in, irreligion largely takes basis in the concept of deism, which is a philosophical position that holds that a God does not bear any direct interference with the world.

According to a global research conducted by Pew Research Centre in 2012 that included 230 countries and territories, about 16% of the world’s population was not affiliated with any religion. That number is sure to have grown, however, a new study is yet to be carried out.

There are now over 1,000 members of the page ‘End Religion Bring Peace’. And the most interesting fact is that MOST of these members are Muslims!

Sanjeev Sabhlok observes that Islam is undergoing a revolution internally. He writes, “People are abandoning the faith even as they may appear devout on the surface”. According to him, this can be attributed to the increasing risk of being attacked or killed upon open renunciation of the religion by religious fanatics.

Sabhlok believes that “the day man rejects religion, a semblance of peace may finally come down to earth.”


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