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A Must have Adventure Bucket List

The bucket list of an Adventure junkie

The worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus has brought a screeching halt to every industry, including the travel and hospitality. With restrictions on international travel and practice of social distancing, the travel bunnies across the world are less than excited as most there are restricted. But with easing lockdown rules, the adventure junkies can again look forward to adrenaline-pumped activities in the coming days.

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Here are some of the activities that are a ‘must-do’ for those who seek adventure:

Jetboat in Interlaken.

Enjoy a unique and thrilling jet boat ride on the beautiful lake of Brienz. Jet Boat is a super-fast boat that can do sudden stops and 360-degree spins leaving you exhilarated and sometimes drenched. Perfect ride with your friends and family.

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich has many options for sports for adventure lovers. You can swim, paddleboat, try paddling or try wakeboarding or water skiing for the ultimate thrill.

Toboggan Run Lucerne

If you love high speeds head to Mt. Pilatus in Lucerne for yet another fun-filled toboggan experience. You can find your adrenaline fix here while navigating the crazy curves of Mt. Pilatus. Get on board Switzerland’s longest summer toboggan run on Mt. Pilatus, the home mountain of Lucerne. On the way up to Mt. Pilatus, you can get off at fr ½km ½ntegg which has two options for fun – a rope park and a summer toboggan run.

Cliff Walk – Mt. Titlis

A must have adventure experience.
TITLIS Cliff Walk is Europe’s highest suspension bridge! Crossing this bridge requires nerves as strong as the steel. Flickr

Experience the ultimate thrill at 3041 meters above sea-level! TITLIS Cliff Walk is Europe’s highest suspension bridge! Crossing this bridge requires nerves as strong as the steel cables that support it, open all year round, this thrilling activity promises you breath-taking views of snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys.

Paragliding & SkyDiving in Interlaken

If you want to experience postcard-perfect Switzerland from an exclusive birds-eye view, go paragliding in Interlaken. The two lakes, the town In between and the majestic mountains will make this thrilling experience extra memorable. Want to do something even more thrilling, try Skydiving from a helicopter. The experience begins with a 10-minute scenic flight in a helicopter, when you reach 14,000 ft, then you stand outside the helicopter with your instructor and then jump into freefall until the parachute opens at 5500 ft taking you into a gentle flight over Interlaken.

Alpine Coaster Glacier 3000

Ride on the alpine coaster at Glacier 3000

520 ½ circles, 10 steep curves, 6 waves and 3 jumps promise of an action-packed speed of up to 40 km/hour on a one-kilometer stretch: The Alpine Coaster will quickly raise your adrenaline level and get your heart beating hard!

First flyer Grindelwald

Air, nothing but air – above, below, to the right & to the left! Adrenaline kicks and speed thrills are virtually guaranteed on the 800 meters long First Flyer. You can glide freely through the air on the First Flyer – suspended on a rope and at a top speed of 84 km/h.

Grindelwald First gives you a magnificent view of the Eiger North Face.

E-biking in St.Moritz

E-biking in the mountain gives you a natural adrenaline rush as the fresh air hits your face. Flickr

Want a natural high?

Mountain biking in the Engadin is in a class of its own. Twisting trails to thrilling tours through forests and valleys, to mountain lakes and glaciers… You will surely be spoilt for choice!

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Devil bike Zermatt

If you like to make your adrenaline pump and want to add excitement to your Switzerland trip, then devil biking is a must-do. You can try this in Zermatt from Furi down into the village. The thrilling ride downhill with twists and turns will make this ride a memorable part of your trip to Switzerland.

Bungee jumping in Stockhom

The Stockhom bungy located in the Swiss Alps in one of the most breathtaking adventures and unusual bungy sites in the world. You are lifted 134m up in a mountain gondola, the doors open, and you take the plunge; leaping and freefalling towards the pristine mountain lake Stocksee. Enjoy the rush of a lifetime and remember to smile for the camera. (IANS)



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