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Must-have Shoes For Men This Summer

Boys, have a look at the shoes that you must owe this summers!

These are the shoes for boys.
Shoes for boys. Pixabay

Are you unsure about the kind of shoes you should invest in for the summer season? Opt for a comfortable pair of slip-ons, derby or boat style footwear, experts suggest.

Harkirat Singh, Managing Director at Woodland, and Ishaan Sachdeva, Director at Alberto Torresi, have listed a few styles that could go well with your summer wardrobe:

* Invest in derby shoes which mostly come in shades of black, brown and grey. These are the most common men shoe styles which can be recognised with their open lacing style. They go well with formal attire. If you have big feet, just pick them.

* Boats are the quickest, coolest shoes to carry on and wander. These are generally made from canvas and leather material. Their water repellent quality makes them perfect for summer wear.

Shoes for boys
Boys, get ready to chase the summer. Pixabay

They do not have any kind of lacing or velcro system, making them even simpler to wear. They are perfect for a casual or brunch look in this hot weather.

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* Slip-ons are a hot favourite amongst college-goers. So when it comes to slip-ons, cool and funky colours like red, blue, yellow and mint green are quite in trend these days. One can even be ready for night parties to casual meetings by simply pairing these vibrant coloured slip ons with crisp shirt and trousers/chinos.

* Canvas sneakers are timeless and always go with men’s fashion quotient. This range of footwear is a smart and perfect choice for daily wear and a great match for chinos, jeans or any casual trouser paired with t-shirts, shirts or even a sweatshirt.  IANS

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Foot Care Regime For Summer

Here are the tips:

Foot Care Regime For Summer
Foot Care Regime For Summer. Pixabay

It’s easier to protect your feet during winter, but one can put the best foot forward in summer too by following simple steps like washing them properly, using coconut oil and more.

The tips should be followed religiously to get the best results, says capital-based dermatologist Deepali Bhardwaj.

Here are the tips:

* Wash feet daily: Summer is the time when you sweat a lot and so do your feet. This attracts lots of dirt and dust. So, make sure that before going to bed, you wash your feet with cold water for around 15 minutes.

Representational image. Pixabay

* Moisturise daily: Use any lotion or foot cream and make it your daily routine to apply it on your feet. But don’t go overboard with moisturiser especially between your toes as it might cause fungal infection.

* Apply sunscreen: When you choose to uncover your feet, apply sunscreen on your feet to protect them from scorching heat.

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* Choose comfortable footwear: Give your feet space to breathe by wearing comfortable footwear preferably made of mesh fabric.

* Use coconut oil: Apply coconut oil on your feet and keep it overnight. Make sure to wear a pair of cotton socks after application.

* Shea butter treat: It is very effective to take care of chapped feet. Soak them in a tub of warm water with a teaspoon of shea butter in it.  (Bollywood Country)

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