Nagrota Attack: Is it a message from Pakistan’s New Army Chief General?

BJP leader R.K. Singh believes that India needs to revisit its security measures in Jammu and Kashmir

(representational Image) The team from the Pakistani air force makes their way to the first sector of the security forces combat arms event course. Wikimedia

November 29, 2016: Pakistan’s newly appointed army chief General, Qamar Javed Bajwa, sent a message to India by attacking the Nagrota district of Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday.

Former Home Secretary of India, R.K. Singh said, “We need to take note of the fact that this is the (Pakistan) new Army chief sending a message. His policy will be same as followed by the predecessor…We (also) need to send a message to him.”

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According to PTI, the attack took place on Tuesday when terrorists attacked the army unit disguised as policemen. Indian Army lost 2 officers and 5 soldiers when the terrorists attacked the army unit in Nagrota. Army personnel was successful in killing 3 terrorists. They rescued 16 people including 12 soldiers, 2 women and 2 children who were trapped as a hostage.

The situation was soon contained by the army personnel. They launched an operation immediately to rescue the soldiers and other people who were trapped in the building.

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RK responded to these attacks saying, “India will hit back harder every time it is targeted.” “It was a statement of policy…Our policy is that we will hit you back every time you hit us. We will hit you back harder. So, I think a couple of more time we hit them back, it will certainly settle in their mind,” he said.

The surgical strike by the Indian army was not a one-off event and if Pakistan continues to bleed India through such terrorist attacks, they will pay heavily.

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BJP leader added that the nation needs to “follow up on its policy of imposing cost”. India needs to revisit the security procedure, especially in Jammu and Kashmir.

The attack on the Nagrota army camp has taken place in the midst of the frequent ceasefire violations by Pakistani army. The attacks serve as a cover when the terrorists, supported by the Pakistani defense establishments, infiltrate the border. These attacks have escalated the terrorist infiltration from the other side of the border.

Prepared by NewsGram team with PTI inputs