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Afghanistan is the biggest producer of heroin. Pixabay

After the Border Security Force (BSF) recently made one of its biggest drugs hauls by seizing 56-kg of contraband in the Bikaner sector at the Rajasthan-Pakistan border and arrested two accused in the matter, officials are suspecting the role of Pakistan rangers in this smuggling and are of the opinion that neighboring country is making efforts to pave way for narco-terrorism in the desert state after adopting the similar model in Punjab to turn it into drug haven.

In fact, two youths have been arrested in the case and after interrogating them, officials believe that the role of Pakistan Rangers is suspicious. Both of them have been sent to remand after they were produced before the court. Speaking on this, a senior official confirmed, “The matter is under investigation by the NCB. We cannot say it with certainty at the moment, but there is a Pakistani post situated just fifty meters away from the place where this drug consignment was seized. Soldiers are stationed here round the clock. This indicates that it should be in the knowledge of Rangers,” he added.

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Other officials confirmed that the dossier is being made ready and if required Interpol’s help will also be taken to reach the last person involved in this case. Meanwhile, the NCB team was here at the site to probe the matter. NCB deputy director Gyaneshwar Singh reached the BSF office and investigated the evidence seized from the two accused. Thereafter, he along with BSF DIG Pushpendra Singh Rathore called a joint press conference where the two said that all efforts shall be taken to reach the last person in this chain.

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Gyaneshwar Singh said, “India is situated between the ‘Golden Crescent and the ‘Golden Triangle’ where the former signifies nations of South Asia namely Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan while the latter is the area where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet at the confluence of the Ruak and Mekong rivers.

Afghanistan is the biggest producer of heroin. From Afghanistan, the drug consignment generally reaches Pakistan and from Pakistan, it reaches India. India is a major transit point, he said adding that the biggest ever recovery of such a consignment from near the Rajasthan frontier along the International Border (IB) makes this case sensitive. Two accused have been arrested in the case. We are making all efforts to find main suppliers and main receivers to expose the gang. All those involved in the chain will be brought to the fore. Presently, we think the links, in this case, are connected to Punjab, he added. (IANS/JC)



Music is the universal language that is spoken by all.

When it comes to our day-to-day life, there are several things which help us enhance our day with every step. One such thing is music. It enhances, motivates and boosts certain aspects of our personality in ways that may not come into notice. There have been several researches on how music affects human brain. Studies show it helps us in recovery and healing, and also, encouraging us to be better if exposed to the right kind and fit.

From kids to elderly, music as a commodity, can be consumed by all. It is the universal language that is spoken by each and every being, from animals to humans to plants, each respond to it in their own ways. Suffice to say, we are united by music and the effect it has over us. Plants, for example, grow better when exposed to good music. Many songs are being composed specifically to enhance and boost their growth. Same is the case for humans. For humans, the right kind of music can boost good health, physically as well as mentally. You might have noticed how in gyms, upbeat music is played. That is to channel energy into everyone present. It adds to the workout. Several researches around the world have shown better physical output when exposed to appropriate music. Fast paced songs with upbeat nature channeled speed and the slower ones slowed downs the listeners, without them noticing. The sub-conscious effects of music are continuously being studied.

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Awareness is the key to heal.

As more and more people are acknowledging the importance of their mental well-being, the wave of awareness the acknowledgment has brought is unprecedented. It may not have paved a clear path towards complete healing but it certainly has shown the way. The awareness is the key to heal. Healing begins only after the problem is identified. Similar to physical illness, the identification of the problem area is the first step. Even in case of a minor wound, when we go to the hospital the nurse first locates the wound. They, then, ask how we got hurt and identify the nature of the wound. Only then, they clean, put ointment and wrap it up if it needs wrapping and protection from air and dust. Sometimes, that protection is not needed. The wound heals out in the open. Same goes when it comes to healing of a mental trauma or illness. Sometimes, we confine in professionals or our loved ones, in order to let it out and process it openly. Sometimes, the trauma reduces with time. In any way, being aware and vigilant is the way to go.

Being knowledgeable about life in general, opens many channels for you. Being knowledgeable about yourself, opens gates inside you that lead to spiritual and general awareness about the concept of self. And the inner awareness is not necessarily internal, it can be seen from the outside as well. When we have positive energy from within it radiates physically as well. Have you encountered someone who’s spiritually awakened and aware? Do they stand out in the crowd? There are prominent examples of people who have made their mark in history, there is Swami Vivekanada, his awakening has revolutionised generations, one live example we can witness is The Dalai Lama.

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Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Game of Thrones taught us some significant lessons

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There’s no question that when the first episode of Game of Thrones was released on April 11, 2011, the youth population of the world became exuberant. The main reasons behind this reaction was, first, the theme of the show, and second, the hidden lessons which it put forward.

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