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Indian National Flag.

By Devakinanda



ॐ त्रिवर्णपताकभूम्यै नमः

(Ṫrivarṇa: Three colors; Paṫāka: Flag)

Our Indian national flag is tricolored, a trivarṇapaṫākam. Those three colors are saffron on the top, white in the middle, and green at the bottom. In the middle of the white band, there is the dharma chakra (wheel of righteousness). The three colors are horizontal stripes of equal length and width. The length and the width of the flag are in 3:2 ratios. Our national flag was made based on the National Congress flag designed by Sri Pingaḷi Venkayya. On July 22, 1947, our national government officially accepted the tri-colored flag as our Indian National Flag.

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Saffron symbolizes sacrifice and renunciation. That's why, we see sādhus and swamis wear saffron or ochre clothes to represent sacrifice and renunciation, and also to remind themselves that they took an oath of renunciation. In our Hindu literature, we see the word tyāgam a lot in fables and ithihāsas like Ramāyaṇam. Having the quality of renunciation is one of the great human qualities.

Ashtottaram 58 The Indian national flag is tricolored.Pixabay

We see that quality in Lord Shri Rama, who is worshipped by every Hindu on the continent, not because he is God, but for his supreme qualities which are very hard to possess as an ordinary human being. India is blessed with many people like that who sacrificed their lives for humanity and some during the freedom movement. These great people showed utmost selflessness and sacrifice which, unfortunately, we don't see any more. Sadly, now everyone is full of selfishness and greediness, especially the politicians.


The middle color is white, which symbolizes purity, peace, and truth. Hindu scriptures give importance to thought, speech, and bodily action and preach to be pure and honest in all three aspects of an action. In the word Hindu lies the meaning- 'one who rejects untruth' (meaning- who desires the truth). Hindus are peace desiring people. That's why in our worship, we use śhāntih (peace) three times, and we end our prayers with śhāntih. We pray for peace for all beings everywhere, and not just ourselves. The wheel in the middle symbolizes dharma and progress.

The third color is green. It symbolizes a good harvest, which is our wealth. The crop, the farmer, the plow, and the sickle have great importance in Indian culture. The farmer and agriculture are the backbones of India. We have stamps honoring the farmer because, in most villages, agriculture is the main source of income and living, representing 65-75% of the GDP of our country.

Our Bhārata bhōmi, having three colors as sacred symbols in our National Flag, is 'Ṫrivarṇapaṫāka Bhūmi'.



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