National Tourism Day: Celebrating The Love Of Travel And Tourism

The rich history and diversity of India both cultural and geographical make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world

National Tourism day
25 January- National Tourism day. Flickr


Do you know the day before 26th January Republic Day i.e., 25th January is celebrated as National Tourism Day in India? The day is celebrated every year on January 25th to celebrate the love for travel and tourism that India shares as a whole.

The main significance of National Tourism Day is to spread awareness about the role played by tourism in the government and our economy. The rich history and diversity of India both cultural and geographical make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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Tourism plays a vital role in our economy, it creates awareness among the societies globally on the significance of tourism, helps in Foreign currency Inflow by bringing a huge amount of inflow of foreign currency as many tourists that visit India come from abroad, promotes cleanliness both by the citizens and the government, improves GDP by giving employment in the tourism industry, and helps in preserving the sites by urging the central and state government to invest time in the upkeep and protection of famous tourist sites.

There are major 3 forms of Tourism: 

Domestic Tourism refers to the residents of one country traveling only within the country.

Inbound Tourism refers to the travelers arriving in different countries from their own.

Outbound Tourism refers to the residents traveling outside their home country.

National Tourism Day
Gateway of India, Mumbai. Pixabay

India has different types of tourism as well which makes it different from others. The major types of Tourism in India are History, adventure, cultural, beach, medical, pilgrimage, spiritual, and ecosystem tourism.

Here are the few most visited states by foreign Tourists with their slogan given by tourists. 

Maharashtra: Unlimited (Sapno Ka Jahan Mumbai)

Delhi: Dillwalo ki Dilli

Uttar Pradesh: Amazing heritage Grand experiences

Himachal Pradesh: Unforgettable Himachal

Bihar: Blissful Biha

Punjab: India Begins here

Rajasthan: The Incredible state of India (Padharo Mare Desh)

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West Bengal: Beautiful Bengal

Jammu and Kashmir: Chalo Kashmir

Goa: A perfect holiday destination

To spread the importance of Indian tourism the government has launched many schemes like “Incredible India” to help and promote the Tourism industry. The government has also built a policy of 7 Mantra’s which includes SWAAGAT (Welcome), SOOCHANAA (Information), SUVIDHAA (Facilitation), SURAKSHA (Security), SAHYOG (Cooperation), SANRACHNAA (Infrastructure), SAFAI (Cleanliness).