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Nature Has Been My Biggest Teacher: Bhumi Pednekar

Teacher's Day: Bhumi Pednekar reveals why nature is her biggest teacher

Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar says nature has been her biggest teacher in life.

Bhumi opened up on the subject on the occasion of Teacher’s Day on Saturday. She paid a tribute to nature along with all her mentors.

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“On Teachers Day every year I pay tribute to each and every teacher of mine who has contributed immensely in my life. But this year along with those brilliant and selfless minds I have to mention that nature has been my biggest guide and has given me great life lessons,” said Bhumi, who is an environment activist.

Bhumi's teacher has been nature
She pays a humble tribute to the nature for being her teacher all along. Wikimedia Commons

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Bhumi added that she learned to be “humble, nurturing, and compassionate from nature.”

She said: “Her maternal love for all the millions of species she provides for, has taught me selflessness. I have learnt to value nature and understood that we humans are very small in front of her wrath.” (IANS)



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