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National Book Trust (NBT) Chairman: Nurturing Creativity and Innovation in Children at an Early Age are Much Needed

How should current school curriculum be modified for an overall development of Children?

Nurturing creativity and innovation in children
Nurturing creativity and innovation in children. Pixabay
  • Education should work in the direction of expanding the horizon of knowledge children
  • There is a need to shift educational learning for school goers from content mastery to competency mastery
  • To compete with the children worldwide, they need to have an understanding that is beyond books

New Delhi, August 21, 2017: There is a need to look beyond the world of text books and inculcate in children qualities like empathy towards society, humanity, sensitivity towards other human beings and nature.

Baldeo Bhai Sharma, Chairman of National Book Trust (NBT), talked about nurturing creativity, innovation in young minds for nation’s economic and spiritual development.

He was speaking at the FICCI’s first-ever Children’s Publishing Conclave called ‘Scrapbook’. Mr. Sharma said that it is crucial to observe and spot the creativity in children. To not just bound them to the school curriculum. The Supplementary books in school should teach them about the life lessons, that they should be good human beings. Such books will help them in the developing a good and positive personality; it will also strengthen their thinking and imaginative skills.

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In the conclave, he talked about how brave soldiers can inspire kids to be like that when they grow up and fight for their country someday. If not, even then such books will inculcate a feeling of patriotism in them. According to ANI reports, Mr. Sharma (pointing towards NBT’s efforts) said, “‘The Veergatha’ series had been introduced by NBT, which talks of the great acts of bravery by Indian soldiers.” The first series has a set of 5 books in English and Hindi, they are written so as to inspire the young minds and evoke feelings of patriotism in children from an early age.

Children are sometimes overburdened with books.  UNESCO encourages learning in mother tongue, especially at the early stage.  Sharma said that education should work in the direction of expanding the horizon of knowledge in a child and he agrees with UNESCO that teaching a child in mother tongue should be encouraged to retain cultural values.

Dr. Hrushikesh Senapaty, Director of NCERT, said: “There is a need to shift educational learning for school goers from content mastery to competency mastery, where competencies should be classified into character, intellectual and social.” He stressed upon the need to make the classroom environment vibrant where teachers would play the role of a facilitator- will provide them with an opportunity where they can develop and strengthen their competencies as well as communication ability. He added, “The Indian education system is moving from knowledge construction to knowledge processing with the help of technology, enabling children to explore, innovate and create.”

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Appreciating FICCI’s initiative, Dr. Senapaty said that the goal of this publishing conclave is to produce content which is rich in quality and is innovative. It will enable them to learn in a collaborative environment. He added, “Indian children have performed well when they follow a prescribed school curriculum but to compete with the children worldwide, they need to have an understanding that is beyond books and focus on skills like building their applied knowledge.”

Children should explore, innovate and create
Children should explore, innovate and create. Pixabay

Ms. Urvashi Butalia, Chairperson, FICCI Publishing Committee and Director, Zubaan, said that the conclave focused on:

  • promoting book reading amongst young minds
  • government and children’s publishers- enhance learning outcome in educational space
  • policy advocacy- nurture collaboration between schools
  • addressed- gender misrepresentation in children’s books
  • concerns- children’s content in school books
  • implementing theory of multiple intelligence on children’s content- enhance learning outcome
  • changing role of technology in children’s content and its impact on K-12 (kindergarten (K) and the 1st -12th grade) education

Dr. A. Didar Singh, Secretary-General, FICCI, said that this platform will help to explore possible collaboration between children, content creators, offline and online service providers, publishers, technology disruptors, schools, teachers, parents, and policymakers. The conclave focused on the important aspects like learning requirements of an individual child, crucial role publishers can play to address it.

The conclave also had some interesting workshops for school children. The workshops had activities like creative writing, story-telling and received appreciation from the young minds.

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They may even get a ticket to finale

Rummy, Tournaments, Intelligence
Winners of every round proceed to the next, or are rewarded with a cash prize. Pixabay

A rummy tournament is a round-based game mostly. The players have to compete in each round. Winners of every round proceed to the next, or are rewarded with a cash prize. They may even get a ticket to finale. In the finale, the winners are ranked as per their position in winning circle. They are then given the promised cash amount as prize. The tourneys are more challenging than practice and cash games, and thus, it boosts intelligence in the following ways:

  • Provokes Analytical Thinking

A rummy card game makes you think on every move you make and that your opponent makes. It provokes your analytical thinking power so that you can analyze the situation at hand and take a right decision – be it deciding discarding a particular card or picking a certain one to form a sequence or a set. Analytical thinking helps you in real life as well in every way. It motivates you to think practically and see through problems, so that you find the accurate solutions.

  • Improves Brain Power

Rummy, Tournaments, Intelligence
A rummy tournament is a round-based game mostly. Pixabay

When playing card games, you take effort to think and analyze like mentioned above. Basically, the game improves your brainpower and encourages you to think towards one particular direction – make a valid hand to declare the game at the soonest. With this goal in mind, you take all the necessary calls, such as how many pure sequences your hand can give you, or how to use the Joker cards, etc. Improved brain power then aids in winning the game.

  • Makes You Observant

In online rummy, the most important skill you need is to be observant. If you do not do that, the chances of winnings are none. You have to pay attention on the table on every move of every player and not the immediate opponent. This allows you to stay connected to the progress of the game. You will know all the cards discarded till now and the possible cards you can get from the closed pile. By observing the open pile, you can also get clues to the sequences and sets in the hand of the opponents.

  • Take Calculative Risks

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In card games, you do have to take risks sometimes. For instance in rummy, if you get a bad hand with too many unrelated cards and no Joker cards, then you do have to take risk than quitting the game, and try to replace these cards with suitable ones. With thinking power, you can do the necessary, and change a weak hand into a winning one.

  • Bluff and Trick

When you play rummy online free or for money, one of the ways to secure a win is by bluffing and tricking opponents in giving you a card you need to make a sequence or a set. For instance, you have 3, 5, and 6 of Club. Now you discard 3 of Club, and confuse the opponent, who discards 4 of Club, thus helping you to form the pure sequence – 4, 5, and 6 of Club.

  • Make Wise Moves

Rummy, Tournaments, Intelligence
The players have to compete in each round. Pixabay

A rummy online free game not only helps practice for difficult challenges such as cash games and tournaments, but makes you wiser. With free practice games, you learn when to play which card. This way, you can make wise moves when faced with ups and downs in tourneys and money-oriented games.

  • Keeps Your Mind Focused

Get Indian rummy app on your device so that you can play rummy in your free time or when you wish to take a break from your busy schedule. The game not just refreshes mind but makes it more focused, as you have to pay attention to the game from the beginning to the end. You cannot miss any turn, nor miss noticing any card played or picked by other players.

  • Weigh the Pros and Cons

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When you play rummy online for cash, you have to weigh all the pros and cons of making a certain move. Have too many Joker cards? Is it wiser to discard a few so that you can make room for new cards? Should you retain the Joker cards and see how the game progresses or do you want to utilize these in pure sequences? This is just one such example, which exemplifies how you have to weigh the pros and cons before taking a decision.

To Conclude

Tournaments are one of the most challenging formats of rummy. Be it a freeroll tourney or one with a buy-in, pay equal attention to those. The difficulty level of the game makes you empowered psychologically, and your intelligence is also boosted in the above-mentioned ways.