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Let's take a closer look at what dating looks like in 2020. Pixabay

2020 has been a wild ride so far and it’ll probably continue that way for a while. Between the rise of online dating in recent years and the onslaught of problems in 2020, dating life has changed too.

We were already far more inclined to look for love online and social distancing made that even more prevalent. In fact, Tinder has reported a 39% increase in conversations due to lockdown!

Today we’re going to take a closer look at what dating looks like in 2020 and how you can make it work for you.

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Dating in 2020: What You Need to Know

While the dating style of 2010 might be near impossible right now, we still have so many options available to us. For some, that might mean adapting to this new environment.

For those like myself who’ve been comfortable with dating apps for a long time now, the change is less severe.

Either way, let’s take a look at the options you do still have for dating in 2020

Find the right dating app for you

It should come as no surprise that this is #1 on the list. In a world where social distancing is still the norm, ‘meeting’ people online is your best option.

There are countless dating apps and websites out there for you to choose from. The best thing to do is take some time to find the one that suits you best.

Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship, a casual fling or to explore your sexuality, there’s an app for you. Now is the time to figure out which one it is.

It’s hard to find good information on what apps and sites are working best but the guys over at Beyond Ages have done a pretty good job of it. If you click on the link you’ll see that they have a bunch of different reviews worth checking out like that one here if you’re looking for apps to meet cougars.

Just because we’re still social distancing doesn’t mean you should shut down in-person opportunities. Pixabay

Remain open to meeting people the “old-fashioned way”

Just because we’re still social distancing doesn’t mean you should shut down in-person opportunities.

Within the realm of COVID restrictions, you can still meet people in the wild. Maybe you’re out for a walk or standing in line at the grocery store.

Exactly where is irrelevant, if you’re interested in someone and have an opportunity to talk to them, do it. At this point, meeting people out and about is almost a novelty as we adapt to online dating.

Of course, be smart about your choices and keep a distance everyone is comfortable with. Just don’t feel as though it’s impossible to meet someone while you’re out.

For online dating, don’t be lazy with your openers

Online dating is a fast-paced affair which means we tend to have less tolerance for laziness. With 48% of 18- to 29-year-olds saying they have used a dating site or app, it’s a numbers game. Starting a conversation with “Hi” won’t get a great response rate.

This is especially true for men since we’re typically the ones to start these conversations. Ladies, don’t think you’re safe from this one either though.

This notion goes both ways and for exactly the same reason. With Bumble, the app is designed so that women have to start the conversation. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had “Hi” or “Hey” as their lazy way to begin.

Not a single one of those got a reply. It’s boring, I have other options that actually want to talk and if you aren’t putting in the effort, neither am I.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re looking for, laziness will hurt your chances. Get creative and have some fun with it!

One should be open about their intentions. Pixabay

Be open about your intentions

One huge cultural change that apps like Tinder have brought about is that hookups are no longer taboo. It’s okay to just be looking for a hookup every now and then and so you should be open about it.

Not everyone is into hookups and naturally, there’s nothing wrong with that. The point is, no matter what you’re searching for right now, be completely open about it.

If you’re looking for a hookup and say so in your bio, you’ll turn away those seeking a relationship. Likewise, if you’re searching for something serious, you’ll turn away people looking for a hookup.

Sound like a bad thing? Think again. What you’re actually doing is saving yourself and these people time. Do you really want to spend hours (days?) talking to someone only to find you’re looking for different things?

I can tell you from experience, both men and women will be more open and receptive if you’re just honest about your intentions. It’s a refreshing change and things are so much easier when you’re both on the same page.

Be cautious with how you use your social media

Last but not least, think about what you’re posting on your social media and who you’re with. If you’ve just gone through a breakup, social media can make your breakup situation so much worse.

It has a tendency to bring up old, now-painful memories over and over. If you’re seeing someone new and bombarding your Instagram and Snapchat with those photos and stories, it can be confronting.

Around 70% of people aged 18-29 use social media to check up on someone they used to date. Basically what this means is that on several occasions, someone you’ve dated or been in a relationship with has stalked your social media.

The image you put forward there can change how they view you and how they feel about the situation.

Around 70% of people aged 18-29 use social media to check up on someone they used to date. Pixabay

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I’m not saying you shouldn’t post anymore or advising you to leave photos with other women out, just be mindful. It can have an effect on others and maybe even ruin future opportunities for you.

Dating is hardly the most difficult thing we have to deal with in 2020. With these tips in mind, go ahead and find the right app that works for you and put yourself out there.

It can be a great distraction from everything that’s happening around us and you never know. You just might find “the one” when you least expect it.

[Disclaimer: The article published above promotes links of commercial interests.]


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